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..........under no circumstances allow these pretzels into your house!

I guarantee you will not stop until the jar is empty!

Not one of my better moves!

I play golf with Bruce(my friend & co-worker) on Tues mornings before work. Yesterday I pull in the parking, get my clubs out of the trunk, change my shoes & last thing I....being anal.....always check the pocket of my golf bag for my car keys.

They weren't there!


Try  the car's locked. I look in the window & there are the keys laying next to my shoes on the floor of the car. I still haven't closed the trunk so I pushed one of the back seats down & after looking around, very gracefully (not) climb into the trunk over my 59 pairs of golf shoes & all the other "stuff" through to the front so I can unlock the door. As I am trying to figure how to get back out I hear "What the h*ll are you doing?". Bruce had come over to my car to get my clubs & couldn't figure out where I was. Apparently I wasn't as sneaky as I thought because then the starter drove up laughing.....he had been sitting up at the cart barn …

Color Me Rad

Today started off a little cloudy & cool but by the time I drove to Altamont the sun was coming out. I made really good time getting there & was early so did not have a problem parking.  Within about 10 mins it was bumper to bumper coming into the parking area & it took Lisa & Raegan a while to get in & parked.  It was close to 9:00am before the rest of our team made it in.
They provided us with sunglasses & a packet of color bomb, also a nice tee shirt but suggested everyone wear a white one so you could get "tie-dyed"  They were sending a "wave" of runners off every 10-15 mins & we managed to start off running until we got out of the fairgrounds.  Between jog/walking, stopping for pictures & other shenanigans  we probably did it in about 48mins.  We hung around the finish line for about an hour because there was supposed some kind of finale where everyone threw their color bombs in the air.  It wasn't happening as there were…

Wish me luck!

I am going to be doing this tomorrow........

Never done a 5K before but it sure looks like fun!

Stayed tuned for an update!

Unexpected bonus day..........

......that felt like I was playing "hookey"!

We had torrential rains yesterday from the storms that were going through the area........finally some rain!  We closed the course(which never happens) & I got to home at 2:00pm.

Normally this time of the year I am so behind on things I would be catching up on chores.

Did I clean house....No!

Did I clean up my desk.....No!

Did I catch up on ironing.....No!  

 Did I clean up this mess.....No!
 I added to it & spent the afternoon & evening was sooooo much fun!
 PS:  I should be ashamed to show my work space but this is how I I find anything is amazing!

A case of mistaken identity!

It is dark in the morning now when I walk Molly....very dark!

This morning I said "hello" to a garbage can with branches in it!

The conversation went something like this:

Me:"Good morning Mr Maple.  You are looking rather droopy this morning!"

Him:  Silence!

The best things is life are free!

We got a delivery at work this week in this huge box! 

I told Bruce to put it in my car. 

He said are you nuts!
I just knew a certain little girl would love to own such a box........
............all it took was a razor knife & some duck tape.......
.....& she was so excited........
.....even Molly got in on the show......
.....wondering why there were so many giggles..........
.......coming from that big box.......
..........the frosting on the cake was a desk inside so she could color!

 Now she wants a roof which means Nana has to either make skylights or figure how to wire a light!

Next she'll want running water!!

More Clouds!

I'm obsessed with the sky!
It is such a beautiful blue & has the fluffiest clouds!
Molly is obsessed with the has the most amazing smells!

Pretty mushroom

Remember this?
Look what the mushroom fairy did!

Blue skies & fluffy clouds

We spent about 3 hours today cleaning up all the mess in the yard from the storm.  Then Popster started the generator(after finding the manual) ......a little like closing the barn door after the horse gets out!
We then took Molly for a walk on the bike path & look at how beautiful the sky was!

Stormy Skies

We got hit with a pretty powerful line of thunder storms late Sat afternoon & immediately lost power.  We sat around for a while & just watched the crazy weather from the safety of the sun room.  When it slowed down some we decided to go out in search of power & food.
This is what the sky looked like on the way home at just about sunset!
I kept yelling at Popster to slow down, turn the car this way or that way so I could get pictures(or Kodak moments as he likes to call them)!

I spotted a partial rainbow & made him  take a right turn in the middle of a left turn, then I yelled at him to pull over.  Of course he pulls into a parking lot with a huge building in my way....I'm like pull out & into the next lot & hurry before it's gone.  It's a wonder he didn't "slap me up the side of the head"

These pics I took in the yard when we got home......Popster was all done listening to me so I had to make do with what I could see from home!

I love…

What's on your memory card?

More creatures!

It never fails when around Jessie expect to see a bug or creature of some kind!
This is a tomato is actually a caterpillar & would turn into a moth.  This guy won't make it as the things that look like rice on his back are wasp eggs which will eventually kill him.