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Lake George

I always seem to have excuses as to why I haven't caught up with all my blog posts.  The only time I am on my computer is when I have my morning coffee which most days is around 4:00am & a few mornings it's 3:00am if I have to open!  It seems that 9 times out of 10 blogger is doing weird things a that early hour.....I guess most people up at that hour are doing weird things!  Anyhow it took me a gazillion tries to get these pics uploaded.
We went to Lake George a few weekends ago & I finally have the pics up
It was a beautiful day with blue skies & fluffy white clouds

I want so bad to try this
But I have to figure out how to do it without the landing part!

I did get my feet wet

The water is so clear

Just a gorgeous day!


Objects in the rear view mirror

It's been a while since I took any of these

 This cracks me up!
 "Will you get out of this jam & park this car....I need to get out!"

More Peebles

I'm always amazed at this area which has almost no water in the summer

 I think he's maybe fishing

 Maybe cleaning himself up after dinner

 This is where the fish all hang out
 I did spot the eagle & quickly switched lenses but I was too late!
 The birds were going crazy
 Did he see the eagle?

 Lots of wildlife.....but no eagle

 If I lived there I would be on that deck from morning til night!

Yeah Miss Molly

We had Molly entered in our dog show this weekend on both Saturday & Sunday.  Sat we had put her in the afternoon session because I work in the morning but of course it was 90 degs out.  She does not do well in the heat. We were both competing at the same time as I was doing Rally & Popster doing the obedience.  I was able to move up so I could go first .  I have done nothing with Molly since I went back to work in April but Popster has been taking classes & working with her everyday.  Rally is easier in the fact that you can talk to your but you have to memorize the course because it's 10 points off if you do a station wrong.  You need to score 70 out of 100 to qualify.  I managed to get her a little "reved" up & we did okay until the last one which was a figure eight & you have to cross the center 3 times & I lost track & did one extra.......duh!  It was okay tho I got an 85 so managed to qualify.  It was finally Popster's turn & Mo…

Peebles Island

We took a Sunday afternoon drive to Peebles as I wanted to maybe get some pics of the eagles.
 The sky was so beautiful that day

 This was taken near where we parked before we crossed the bridge

 On our way at the beginning of the trail thru the woods
 Look who was watching us

 I never get tired of this view
 My tree is still hanging in there