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Happy Birthday James

My nephew James is now a where did those years go to!

Opening day craziness & sniffing while on camera!

The golf course finally opened today a little later than normal due to Mother Nature not letting us have Spring this year.  We have  new software this year & even though I had been to work several times for training the true reality of how it works is when you are using it under the gun!  I was there on Tues just making t-times & selling tokens for the range....piece of cake compared to yesterday!  We are the first course to open for the season so it is totally insane with 3 lines ringing & a line of golfers either checking in or wanting to hit balls on the range.

John said he felt like toast when I got there at noon & it wasn't long before I felt the same way.  Lets just say the software & I had some issues I will be the first to admit I was getting a little a lot "testy".

Even though today was a beautiful day the weathermen are predicting the threat of a n'easter late Thurs & into Friday....we could get up to a foot of snow.  Yes, I know. &q…

Molly has a new look for Spring!

After spending the winter with the "wild woman" look Molly went to the groomers today & got a pretty good haircut.  She usually comes home with a real "tude" but I ended up working today so she had gotten over it by the time I got home tonight.

 She is being very tolerant here.
  Now see how the lip is starting curl up?
"Okay enough already!"

Take me out to the ball gamefield

We were finally able to take Molly over to Jenkins today so she could have a run.  Not all of the snow has melted & it was absolutely freezing but she had a ball.  Ran around like she had never been free before!

After we had been there for about 10 minutes someone else showed up with this black lab - Rickie.......then the fun really began.  They were each running around with a tennis ball & neither one would give them up.

Molly is laying in the snow resting........hoping Rickie won't notice she put the ball down!

Dead body, Shape-up sneakers & gas prices

When we were at Peeble's Island on Sat there were a lot of activity in the parking lot including a couple cop cars.  Come to find out about 45 mins before we got there a couple hiking the trail saw a body in the water.  This is the second this has happened to us while hiking with Bob & Noreen.  We were on the bike path in Ballston Lake last year just before someone's dog found a body.  Creepy!!!

I ordered a pair of shape-up sneakers & they came yesterday.  I have been very intrigued by them but wasn't about to pay well over $100.00 to see how they were.  The prices on them have come down so I ordered them.  I put them on & started walking around the house.  It felt like I was handicapped feels like you are walking on the balls of your feet & I thought I was going to fall on my face!  I was brave enough to wear them while walking Molly this morning & have had them on all morning.  I have to say once I got used to walking the correct way my legs f…

Ha Ha they were wrong....again!!!

According to all of our "weathermen" around here we were under a "winter storm watch" (how can it be called that...shouldn't it be a "spring storm watch"???) until noon today & were getting 2-5 inches of snow.  I put my boots on to go get the paper this morning & when I got outside there was only a "dusting" on the ground.  The sun has been shining brightly all morning!

How can they get paid for being so wrong???

What about all those little old people that were buying the market out of bread & milk yesterday???

"How much is the bail?"

I noticed this outside my kitchen window this wonder it is so gloomy here!
Someone put the sun in jail!

What's wrong with this picture?????

I just took these pictures.......did someone forget it was supposed to be Spring!!!!

Snow, rain for Northeast corridor | Top 5 worst winters | See: SF Waterspout | Warmth spreads East
This is the 7-day forecast.....someone definitely forgot it was Spring!!!!!!

Welcome to Spring

Today is the first day of Spring....I call this part the "Ugly Season" as this is what our yard looks like.  The snow is so dirty looking & where it has melted there is all the "junk" that Molly managed to drag out in the yard over the winter!

Peeble's Island - spring thaw

We met Bob & Noreen at Peebles this afternoon so we could check out how crazy the river is now the ice has melted.

 It is so much higher & just so cold looking!

 How does this tree survive with it's roots so exposed!

 Normally the water barely trickles over in this spot.

 It is so dirty looking as there is a lot of mud & debris in it.

This is "wild woolly Molly who is due for a haircut!

Happy "Gotcha Day"

Three years ago today this precious little girl joined our family

 She didn't quite know what to make of her new Mom & Dad!

This was the closest she would come to a smile that day Now check out the smile!
Happy Gotcha day Mark, Dani & Miss LiLi.