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Latest on babies

I could only see two babies could have flown away???
 They are almost ready to leave


Late summer bloomers

These are a couple rose of sharon flowers that I have

Also a new hydrangea tree.  I had to replace the one I had that didn't make it through the winter
This one is called limelight
The flowers have a greenish tint

Another coleus I found......the leaves are so different!

How does she do this?

How does........
..........Mother Nature........
...........create such...........
........beautiful things....... ..........for us to look at?

Blue Moon

There was a blue moon last week which I tried so hard to get a picture of.  I noticed it when I came out of the gym weds morning.  I flew home for my camera & chased over half the neighborhood but by the time I got myself somewhere where the trees weren't hiding it it was too late to get a good shot.
 On my way home that night I was detoured because of an accident & there was the moon.  I drove over to the river & was "skulking" around the parking lot of a local restaurant to get these.  I really needed a tripod but made do with propping the camera on a post!
It was so funny as I couldn't find my car when I was done!(not)

Up-date on babies

I took this on Friday & if you look closely you can see the babies are in the bottom of the pot....they seemed to have fallen out of the nest.  They have been like this for a few days so it's not hurting them!
 I also found out today that they are purple finches as I was able to catch a glimpse of Mama & Papa bird.

We have babies!

Every time I walked outside through the garage I would notice or hear a bird flutter over my head.
I finally got my ladder out & checked the hanging basket
Then Friday I saw these....not sure but I think it's the same chickadee as before.  Just a different basket!
The egg not hatched was laid later than the others

By Golly Miss did it! (day 2)

We had to be at the show by 7:30am this morning as Molly was in a rally trial at 8:00am & I was stewarding at the same time.  I was able to watch her as she was in the next ring,  They missed qualifying by 2 points but she did better than yesterday.

Her obedience trial started at 10:00 & I was still working, so could only watch from 2 rings away.  From what I could see she did way better than yesterday, however the judge took a long time talking to Popster when they were done.....not a good sign!

Apparently Molly blew the field away but  Popster had points taken away for talking too much to her, so they ended up in third place.

Still it was another qualifier so now she just needs one more to get a title.
The best part of the whole day happened as we were going to grab a cup of coffee & we bumped into the two ladies from the local animal shelter where we got Molly.  They knew her when she was a wild woman,  that first summer we had her & took classes over there with the…

By Golly Miss did it!!

I decided not to say anything but Molly was entered in an AKC event this weekend.   I just wanted Popster to enter her in beginner novice obedience but he decided to also put her in novice rally ....both days!!!   I had volunteered to steward so I was there at 7:30am but Molly's events were this afternoon.  As luck would have my ring finished early so I was able to watch her.
 Here he is getting some last minute advice from one of his instructors.
 Doing the heeling pattern
 Nice sit at the finish
 Doing a figure eight exercise
 This was the sit for exam
 Whew got through it.....I was barely breathing at this point!
 Here she had to sit in the middle of the ring while he walked all the way around the outside.
 Now come the know the one where Molly usually goes "Yahoo"!  Don't know how I manged to get pictures while hyper-ventilating!
 Right to him with a sit.  YES!
 All we wanted was for her to qualify but she was the only dog to do so which meant...…

A birthday celebration

Saturday we went over to Mark & Dani's for dinner.
We were celebrating Mark's birthday
We went around the block for a bike ride
Will those training wheels ever come off that bike?

After dinner LiLi conned Uncle Scott into playing soccer