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"Dead" crow??????

I put out my fall decorations yesterday & of course Miss Molly was taking quite an interest in them. She "beheaded" one of the small scarecrows & tried pulling the straw out of another one. In fact she ended up in "time out" on the deck.

This morning while I was at work Popster called me & I could hear Molly barking in the background. He said she kept running out front so went to look & said "oh no there's a dead crow out there near the gate!"

This is it ...."dead" crow?????

"live" crow???????

I had to hang up I was laughing so hard!

That would be how many pairs????

One of the things I did on my first day off in 12 days was laundry. I washed , dried & sorted 37 pairs of socks!! (would have been 39 but there were 2 "orphans" or SWP's - socks without partners as I call them!)

Yes you read that right!

It had been less than 2 weeks since I did a load of whites.

Last time I counted there were only two people & one dog living in this house.

I'm pretty sure the dog does NOT wear socks...........she may chew them but not WEAR them!

I mostly wear sandals or flip flops!

I'll let you all draw your own conclusions!


This morning it's really 39 deg.!!!!!!!

Is it Friday yet??????

I will be working for the next few days........problems with scheduling etc.

I opened yesterday & today!

I got up at the un-godly hour of 3:30 AM!

Took Miss Molly for a walk at 4:45 PM!

She thinks I've lost it!

Temperature this morning is 45 deg. (real feel 39 deg.)

All I's very cold!!!!!!

Meanwhile back on the farm............

These are my new wellingtons I bought from the Christmas Tree Shops. The best $14.99 I ever spent!!

Look how wet Molly got & my feet were perfectly dry!!

I have to admit I felt like I had stepped back in time to when I had to wear them growing up on a farm...of course they weren't quite so feminine looking back then!

September flowers

Look at my tree now - I can't believe it could have all these flowers the first year!

This is a coleus on steroids!

I love the way the annuals go crazy in Sept!

The reason this for "guy" has that "pained" expression is because Miss Molly thinks it's fun to pull off his bark!!!! OUCH!!



Today is my "aaaaaaaaahhhhh" moment as we get back on a regular schedule from summer. The Popster is back to work! It's really not such a big deal except I was getting tired of tip toeing around the house in the morning.........he would stay up late watching tv & then sleep in. Still wouldn't be a problem except he would be sleeping in a different place every day........on any one of the 3 floors in our house!


Is it just me or does anyone else have an "eerie" feeling about tomorrow's date????

Miss Molly at the park

Miss Molly's favorite place to go is Jenkin's's just a small local about 2 1/2 miles from our house. The baseball field in the back isn't used very much & because it is fenced is a great place to take Molly so she can run free.

As you can see she takes right off!

We always keep calling her so she gets used to coming when we need her to.

I love this one ....with her ears flapping!

Here she is trying to hide in the clover with the ball!

The "true" meaning of Labor Day!

What did you do today????
I made the bedPicked up the houseLoaded & ran the dishwasherPut clean dishes awayFertilized the lawnRan sprinklers to water in fertilizerDid some ironingLeft for work at 11:30 AM - will probably get home around 8:00 - 8:15 PM
Isn't that why they call it LABOR day

Even the simple jobs become harder!

Making the bed should be simple right wrong! Not with Miss Molly helping!

How can you get mad at this face?

I think she likes it!

Molly has not had anything in her crate all summer as she liked laying just on the was cooler! Now it's getting cooler at night I bought her this. Do you think she likes it!

She sleeps like this almost all the time ................. it's a little un-ladylike!

The "down side" of trees!

This come with me when I mow the lawn these days..........why?

Because of these!!! They are all over my front lawn!