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City meets country living

A couple weekends ago Josh & Carol came to visit.  They got here early Saturday morning & of course, it being Saturday, it was raining.  Seems to happen a lot around here this spring.  We didn't want to waste the entire day inside so we decide to go the Saratoga.
We had umbrellas & wandered around ending up at the Farmer's market.  By then it was starting to rain harder so we ended up leaving.

 Sunday morning was still a little rainy & we took a ride over to Scott's house.  It's starting to look good inside.  All the hardwood floors are in & one bathroom is finished & usable.  The kitchen cabinets will be installed this week & he's starting all the tile floors.  At this point Scott is doing a lot of the work himself so it will take a while. 
 I love the view they have
 The chickens have grown up

 We ended up going to get a very late breakfast at this quaint diner they had discovered a couple miles from their house.
 They have been goin…

Finally the finished porch

I have not been ignoring my blog.....just having some issues uploading photos, which I may, or may not have finally figured out.  Also this now becomes a crazy time of year as I try to work on my yard, getting gardens cleaned up & flowers planted.  It's a lot of extra work this year having to clean up the front from the construction.  I spent several hours trying to"fix" my landscape lights only to discover they had unplugged them from the transformer.

This was a christmas gift from JoAnne & Peter & I love the way it reflects things from around it looks different all the time!