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And the fans came out.........

It was unbelievable how many fans showed up to root on their home someone aptly put it " the burglars could have a field day"!

I took this shot from the "other side" before the game started but not everyone was there yet....there weren't many empty seats

Popster & Jessie

We're on the scoreboard!

Final score! They played so good but lost by a touch down............the odds had them losing 38 to zero so they have nothing to be ashamed of!

Go Spartans!!!!

BURNT HILLS HEADING TO THE DOME Burnt Hills' Nicholas Henderson hits the hole in the Nyack defense in the Class A state semifinal game on Friday, Nov. 21, at Dietz Field in Kingston. The 14-13 victory sends the team to the state championship game in Syracuse's Carrier Dome for the first time in school history. (James Goolsby / Times Union)
GAME PHOTOS:View our football photo galleryMORE:Game summary | Burnt Hills page

Our local high school football team is in the state finals today at the Carrier dome in Syracuse............a great achievement as we are a very small district (blink your eyes & miss Burnt Hills driving through) so the whole community is so proud of these kids!

Popster & I are driving out to see the's around 130 miles from here.

"I'm losing it!!!" or "Where's the d--m turkey's legs!!!"

I am a "farm girl" - raised on a farm since I was 3 years old. I helped my father every year get turkeys ready for the holidays..............if I know what a turkey looks like how come my thanksgiving turkey looked like the above picture?????

Where was his legs????

Where was his wings??

I guess I was very distracted while I was shopping................but you'd think the price - $16.68 for a turkey that didn't even weigh 7lbs - would have clued me in!!!

In my defense I haven't cooked thanksgiving dinner in many, many moons............maybe never!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Something is "confused"!

Took these pics on Friday November 21st - doesn't this primrose know it is November not April?????

Wedding Anniversary

Today my husband & I will celebrate our 44th year of marriage............yes we were young, very, very young!! I was looking for some papers the other day & found the "permission" slips signed by each of our mothers so we could get our marriage license - very ironic considering Den was in the Air Force & could have been sent off to war in Vietnam but needed his mom's permission to get married! Honey - it has been quite a "trip" from England to the USA & all the years since, but one I wouldn't trade for the world!
Love you as always & here's to many more!

"To-do List"

98. Rake leaves.
99. Pick up leaves
100. Have coffee & celebrate - no more leaves!

"Locked out & Freezing"!

I was able to turn off the alarm & sleep in this morning as I didn't have to work..........nice feeling.........however my body is tuned into getting up early so I was up by 5:30 am! Liza is used to us going for a walk around 6:15 am so I threw my sweat pants over my "jammies" & off we went. (I could here my mother's voice in my head saying "always wear clean underwear when you go out in case you have an accident") - my gawd I wasn't even wearing any!!!! It was about 23 deg. with a wind chill! The lock set on the garage door is loose & NEEDS TO BE REPLACED so sometimes it locks itself. Guess what.......when I got home I was LOCKED out! It was 7:00 am so the Popster was driving & doesn't answer his phone so I had to call Scott to go find him & get the garage door opener for me. Here I was sitting on a flower pot in the shed, hugging Liza to keep her warm for 45 mins!!!!!! My butt still hasn't thawed out!!!

PS I guess …

Happy Anniversary Terry & Lucy

Today my older brother Terry & his wife Lucy celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary - way to go you two. Mother would be so proud!!!

Happy Birthday Lucy

Today is my dear SIL Lucy --th birthday (My lips are sealed)

Have a wonderful day Lucy

Ocean City Golf Trip - Part 2

Happy Birthday Barry

Today is my nephew Barry's 26th birthday.

Have a great day Barry

Ocean City Golf Slosh-in-mud Trip

We left early Thurs morning to join a group of people(around 48 crazy golfers) for a golf weekend in Ocean City, MD. It rained almost all the way there which should have been our first clue! In fact we took the ferry across from Cape May to Lewes & couldn't move from our seats it was so rough. We checked into the hotel around 6:30 pm & went up to the 4th floor where almost the whole group were staying. We had room 420 which was about a 1/4 mile from the elevators & of course we couldn't open the door...............always happens so we're used to it. While I was waiting for Popster to go back to the desk I'm wondering why all the rooms are on the right - facing the ocean - & our door is at the end of the hall at a ninety degree angle. Now wouldn't that make you think it was the room no one wanted having a side view!!! WRONG!!

This is the first thing we saw - the tv was taller than me!!!

We had a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom & a glass walled …

Am I crazy...............

I just got excited because it only cost $28.50 to fill my tank - it's not that long ago when I could fill it for less than $15.00!!!!!!

Our "amazing" Lizzie!

These pics were taken yesterday when I worked in the yard & Liza came out with me "stole" a shoe & ran around the yard with it. She has been doing that since we have owned her & it's the only "bad" thing she has ever done.

What amazes me is each day I have her is borrowed time as she was given about 6 months more almost 2-1/2 years ago but here she is still running around thinking she's a puppy. She is as skinny as can be in spite of all her special food. Every Sat I cook freshly grounded chicken & hard boil 8 eggs. I take just the whites chopped fine, a can of lima beans also chopped & mix it all up with wheat germ & flax seed oil - Yummo! She gets that along with cottage cheese mixed into her breakfast & dinner every day(hi-protein because of her kidney issues) but we still can't get any meat on her bones. She still walks 2 miles with me every morning & usually about the same every night. She will be 14 years old…