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A winter's afternoon walk by the river

I was laughing at these kids trying to make a hockey rink!  Do you think they shoveled their own driveways?

 I took this shot in the park on the way home.. Molly has a lot more patience than Popster so we sat there until I liked the way the sky looked!
Speaking of Popster, he calls me twice a day & really lets me know how beautiful the weather is & how he's walking around in shorts!  In other words he's really rubbing it in!  
That's okay.....I know how to get even!
I'm driving his SUV while he's away.
All he listens to is talk radio or country.  Boring!
I changed all his preset stations to rap!!!!!!

Mutant Strawberry

Have you ever seen a strawberry like this?

I got a mountain man for a computer geek!

My phone rang early yesterday morning & it was Casey the computer geek who was coming over to fix my laptop. He spoke with kind of a southern drawl so I wasn't sure what to expect. When I opened the door I came face to face with a cross between a skinny Grizzly Adams & Arlo Guthrie! He spent the first 10 mins playing with Miss Molly & when he told me he lived on 12 acres in Sc*harie it answered all my questions except the most important one!

Why was a mountain man fixing my computer??????

Be afraid, be very,very afraid!

Yesterday morning I went to open up my laptop & got an error message saying something was missing from the windows application & to contact my system administrator........& to think I didn't even know I had one!

I went to the on-line support & after waiting approx 25 mins to get someone to acknowledge me (I was 8th in queue) I was connected to a person (I think!) whose name was unknown!  After a few minutes of trading information I was told they would run a diagnostic on the system......this is where it gets scary!!!

I was told to press & hold  Fn then press power switch on.  Next thing there's all kinds of data flashing on the screen.

I think we should all be very, very afraid.............big brother is watching every move we make!

After about an hour the consensus was the hard drive is shot & someone will be contacting me to fix it.

Should I let him in the house????? 

Do I need to shave?????

This is what Molly looked like after about 15 mins playing ball in the snow!!!!

Hiking in the fresh snow

We decided we needed some exercise after "pigging out" all weekend so took Molly to Indian Meadows. I forgot how hard it is to walk in the fresh snow.....of course we both have snow shoes but did either one of us think to bring them????

That would be a no!!

This silly dog just ran & ran & ran some more!

I stopped to take pictures & she won't leave any of her peeps behind!
Her feet are webbed like a labs so the snow builds up & turns into ice chunks.  Popster is cleaning them for her.

So beautiful but sooooo cold!!!!!

A little of this, that & the other!

First to the great "Nor'easter" the weather men were predicting! Those guys just love drama!! Apart from being cold the weather here as been very benign so far so this storm has been an "important" weather topic for the last few days. After scaring the life out of us all about staying off the roads because of the heavy snow, drifting because of high winds & on & on, we had maybe 5 inches!

Those poor people that were buying the market out of bread & milk did it for nothing!

Of course it's "man & his boy-toy" weather!
Molly had fun!
This is what "Santa" put under the tree for me! I'm having a lot of fun with it!

I have to go help Popster pack his suitcase......"Santa" gave him a plane ticket to go to Florida for 5 days. His friend Mike bought a condo there a few months ago so they are going down to play golf! He keeps asking me if I'll miss him!

Can you imagine having almost a week of not falling in t…

Indiankill Nature Preserve

JoAnne & Josh ended up leaving before lunch today because they are predicting a big nor'easter coming up the coast that will definitely hit the Boston area. JoAnne, being a teacher, has the whole week off but Josh has to work tomorrow. Being the nice Aunt she is, she went home today for him.

We decided to give Molly a good run & I wanted to go to the nature preserve around the corner from our house. Once it snows we don't go there as some of the trails are very hilly & can be treacherous when it's slippery

Molly ran like a crazy dog & it took me an hour to bush all the leaves & sticks out of her!

Christmas Day in pictures