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The end or is it the beginning of the trail

If you remember this post & how disappointed I was that the trail didn't go any further.  Well apparently that was the real end for now & it was the beginning that was waiting to be finished.  It opened about 3 weeks ago & we finally got to walk it Friday night.  As you can tell by the pictures we barely made it back to the car by dark.

This part follows along the railroad which is why it has the high fence....reminds of the fence around Buckingham Palace!

Molly & the monster!

Popster bought this crazy hat & teeth to wear on the bus Friday...check out Molly's reaction!

Walking & Bike path along the Charles River

These pics are from last weekend when we went to visit JoAnne......she lives in Waltham which is about 10 miles from Boston. The Charles river is approx a 5 minute walk from her apartment.

After we crossed over the bridge the path continued on the other side past these buildings.
Guess who is walking on the wrong side of the blue line!
This factory was built in the 1800's & consists of over 400,000 sq feet in 22 buildings.
The first ones were kinda dilapidated but as we went along there were new windows & had obviously been up-dated.  Parts of it have been done into offices & there will eventually even be loft style apartments. What a great place to live with that view!

We saw this little guy on a fishing pier!
This is what he was watching & probably wishing he could swim!

I was trying to get pictures of the gulls flying around.

Happy Anniversary

Just wishing Nigel & Susan a wonderful 35th anniversary! WOW!!!!!

"Did you say the ZOMBIES are coming?"

I take Miss Molly for a long walk every morning but have started going a little later now it getting it'a awful dark at 5:30AM! My morning route now takes me around the neighborhood when the middle & high school kids are being picked up. The last couple mornings have been warmer but with a lot of humidity so we've had patchy fog. It's not quite daylight so it's kinda eerie & surreal feeling. Every morning I see this one boy waiting by himself on the corner & I always say good morning. He's a cute blond hair blue eyed innocent looking kid but he never answers me.....just kinda gives me a half smile. Of course, you know me, I will keep saying it anyway.

Well yesterday I was a few minutes earlier & he was walking towards me. He looked at me & said "Do you mind if I say something?" I'm like "Of course not!"

He says "Have you noticed how spooky it's been every day! You know they're coming! The ZOMB…

LK.....formerly known as Little Kitty

See the lump under the comforter?

This is who it is.........he was hiding from us!
Here he finally ventured out into the living room but hid behind the drapes!

LiLi's first piano lesson

Last night when Mark & Dani came over LiLi wanted to play the piano so this is her first "lesson"

Do you think she's a little proud of herself?

My car is finally back in my garage

We left Boston early enough yesterday to be able to pick up my car on the way home.

When we walked in "overly friendly" guy started apologizing about having it so long, then the manager came out & apologized for what happened. I was kinda wondering what was up but I paid my bill & went home. Before I left I did ask for an explanation on the difference between struts & shocks as Popster couldn't tell me. When I was checking out the bill later noticed it was less than they told me as it had a couple of extra discounts on it.

Popster said judging by the amount of apologies I got, they must have been the "mean lady" discounts!

Mavis still has my car!!!!

My car was supposed to be ready by 11:00 AM but we were leaving at 9:00 for Boston to visit JoAnne so I told them we might not pick it up until Saturday. I called them at 2:00 & was told it would be going up on the lift in about 30 mins for a front end alignment.........good thing I wasn't still waiting!

I hope Mavis has taught it not to be pigeon-toed anymore!

My car is pigeon-toed!!!!!!

I get out of work on Thurs at 1:00 & usually play golf with my buddy Dominic.  Yesterday was kinda rainy, blustery so we decided not to play.  I headed up to the mall but got side-tracked on the way.  One of the things on my extremely long to-do list was "get two more tires for my car".  I pulled into Mavis Tire & checked to see how long it would take.


I was told around 20 mins before my car would get in so I decided to wait.


About an hour later my overly friendly mechanic wants to show me did I know it wasn't going to be pretty!  My rear "struts".....whatever they may be.... were leaking causing the rear end to lift up when I braked causing my car to "pigeon toe" which in turn was making my  new tires .....that were put on the front wheels in wear unevenly.  As if that wasn't enough for my brain to digest one of the front wheels had a bad wheel bearing.

Needless to say at that poin…

Happy Birthday JoAnne

Happy --th to our daughter. Have a wonderful day!

Up-date on previous post

First about the wooly bear this is what I found

They believe that if a wooly bear caterpillar's brown stripe is thick, the winter weather will be mild and if the brown stripes are narrow, the winter will be severe.

I hope that holds true as he had a very wide stripe!

The spider was a  Araneus Marmoreus otherwise known as a Marbled Orb Weaver.

My job here is done!

All creatures great & small

We took our walk on the Zim Smith bike trail starting in Round Lake village....that'a where the two church pictures came from.

Saw this "wooly bear" along the way but I don't remember what the size of his stripes mean pertaining to the coming winter....I guess I will be "googiling" that later!
This guy also crossed out path!
Have no idea what kind of spider this is.....another "google" moment!

What is it with those keys????

Yesterday when I got home there was only about an hour plus a few minutes of daylight left in the day. Popster stayed home with the billy goat & the piles of leaves while my neighbor & I walked the dogs. When I got back I wanted a turn using the billy goat..........don't ask why but probably so I can put in my two cents about it! Anyway because the bag is so big & not easy to take off we just open up the back & pull the leaves out onto a tarp which then gets dragged down the hill in the back yard to be dumped.

Next thing I know I'm being waved down by Popster who says he needs help. He had just discovered his keys were missing! He figured he had put them in the front pouch of the hoodie he was wearing & that they must have fallen into the pile of leaves he dumped down the hill! We then had the following conversation

Me:"When did you have them last?"

Him: "Don't know"

Me: "How did you unlock the door?"