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Are we getting closer?

"Thursday morning updateJanuary 31st, 2008I was hoping to have something concrete today, or at least R4 material, but we’re not there yet.We’ve got several agencies saying December 27th, and at this point I’m willing to go to an R3 that the 27th is included, and an R2 that the 27th is the cut off.A couple of agencies have verified that they have something on the way. Some say they will get their package today, others say they will get their package tomorrow. We do not know if these packages are referrals or not."Got this from the "Rumor Queen" this morning!

And time stood still....................

Keep your finger(and toes) crossed as it looks like Mark & Dani will be included in Feb referrals. I have the shower invitation all set except for Sophia's pic, the envelopes are printed, I ordered ink for the printer & I have the card stock & now we just sit here & wait, & wait, & wait.........................

Anyone need to borrow money?

My dearly beloved came home tonight & told me our tenant had a tale of woe today........she found out her husband was cheating on her & kicked the bum out of the house. Problem being now she cannot afford to pay the rent & would he consider dropping it from $975 to maybe $750!!!!! I cannot even believe he said he would think about it as he needed to talk to me. Now picture this - these people have the best that credit will get them in electronics......we're talking 45inch Hi-Def etc, etc, etc but he thinks we need to give them a break!!!! Is he nuts!!!!! Anyone out there need to borrow $10,000 at a very low - no lets make that no interest!!!!! Call 1-800-soft-touch!

PS Why am I always the "bad cop"

Dinner with Jessy

The Popster stopped by Scott's house last night as Thurs is "piano night" & Mr Martin is there giving the kids their weekly lessons

Anyway he managed to "kidnap" Jessy & bring her home for dinner. It was so nice to have her all to ourselves.........we didn't lack for conversation as she is always ready to tell us everything that is going on in her life. We also had a fun time with "do you remember when" talking about when she was little.......I still can't believe she will become a teenager in May!

Back to school for "the boy"

I took Joshie back to school yesterday..........but first we had to go to the bank so he could deposit his "loot"! He was very proud of himself as he had saved $668.00 in the month he was home for Christmas vacation (of course he worked almost every day!). We put the back down in my car to load everything in & when we got to Hermiker went to the local Walmarts to get him some groceries. Over $100.00 later(I know I spoil him but Nana's are allowed to) we were standing in the parking wondering how we were going to fit everything in the car with all the stuff that was already there. It was so funny as while I was putting groceries away back at the room another one of his roommates showed with his Dad & they had almost identical bags of groceries - milk, orange juice, cold cuts, bread & of course what every college kid survives on - Ramen noodles! I think he was happy to get back there again!

Special day for remembering........

Today would have been my Mother's 87th birthday & I still find it hard to believe she's no longer with us............I always believed she would live past ninety, but not to be. There isn't a day goes by I don't think about her & how much she would love to see she has two more great-granddaughters & another one on the way. I just hope that somehow she knows that. Terry &Lucy, Greg & Jenifer, Nigel & Susan I am thinking of you all today as I know you all know it's a special day!

What do I do with my time???????

I suddenly realized yesterday that we were already halfway thru January & my "list" is not getting any smaller. As it gets towards the end of the golf season people start asking me what I do all winter & my reply is always catch up with things on the "list". They always also say"don't you get bored?" So now I'm sitting here wondering what have I done with my time & am I bored?
Part one - I don't know! (but Sophia will be the best dressed baby around!)Part two - NO!!! (repeat above statement)
We had someone come to give us an estimate on putting a new shower in our laundry/bathroom, replace our inefficient electric hot water heater with a gas one, also run a gas line to the kitchen so we replace the stove with a gas one, and to replace the kitchen sink & faucet.
Have I gone out to look at sinks & faucets? No!Have I gone out to pick out a stove & dishwasher(which is also being replaced) No!Have I gone out to look at sho…

Happy "13th" Birthday Liza

Today is Liza's 13th birthday(that is 91 in people years). We are just amazed that she not only is still with us, after being told 18 months ago she wouldn't live 6 months but that weather permitting she still walks 2 miles every morning & another 2 in the afternoon! Check out the slide show.......her friend Lucy came over tonight & they each had a donut w/frosting & sprinkles along with ice cream. It was just too funny as neither one of them can see worth a damn but they knew they were getting something good! Lucy had hers gone in 2 bites but Liza went for the ice cream first & then took her time licking off the frosting!

Happy Belated B'day Adam

Whoops!! Yesterday was my nephew Adam's birthday - the big "30"! Sorry Adam for being a day late it wishing you a happy day!

The latest addition to "Scotch Bush Farm"

This is what Scott calls a "pig house" but no matter how fancy it looks it is still a pigsty

The new residents of the so-called pig house are Bailey & Rosie!

Global Warming

Feels Like
Updated: Jan 9 08:00 a.m. ET
UV Index:
0 Low
From S at 16 mph
gusting to 23 mph

Yes that's what is says!!! Just got back from my walk & it's incredible felt soooooooo good to be able to just throw on a coat & go. Yesterday got to 60 deg. Gore could be right but because we live in the "great Northeast" we all know it's just our normal January thaw & we'll be back to frigid temps in no time! We still have lots of snow on the ground to remind us winter is still here!
The CCAA has finished the review of the adoption application documents registered with our officeThe CCAA has finished the before October 31, 2006.placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before December 19, 2005.

Not at all what we expected.........really thought things would speed up not get slower!

Happy New Year to All

Happy New Year to each & everyone of you. May all your dreams for the new year come true!! My biggest is wish is for Mark & Dani to finally get that referral - they have waited long enough! Sophia baby wherever you are - hang in there. Your Mommy & Daddy will be there to get you soon.