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"By George she's got! I think she's got it!"

We installed the invisible dog fence at least 8 weeks ago but have had a few problems with it ---first the control box had to be replaced, then the adaptor & finally they sent us a new collar. I have gotten so tired of trying to mow around all the flags!!!! We figured we needed to start from scratch with the training as we've stop & started so many times.
Anyway we have only been using the training collar that will just gives a beeping signal if she goes too close to the flags but we noticed she stays well clear of them. Yesterday afternoon she was being totally obnoxious so I put the collar on her & sent her outside..........Popster was cooking dinner on the grill so I figured he would keep an eye on her. Next thing I hear her barking out front! I ran to the door & she is sitting at least 8 feet from the flags barking at one of the neighbors from down the street who were walking their dog. They walked around the circle & back up the street & she just s…

Miss Molly & the sprinkler!

This is how crazy Miss Molly is with the sprinkler.....we can't keep her away from it!

It's the little things...........

Tuesday was the last day of the junior Golf Lge - I will really miss seeing all the kids - they were a lot of fun! One of the younger boys handed me a thank you card he had written himself. In it was a coupon for a single scoop ice cream cone from Stewarts...............made my day!!!!

"Chicken Palace" & Scott's B'day

Of course Miss Li Li thinks she has to blow out all birthday candles as she thinks it's always her birthday!

These are pictures of the "chicken palace". If you all remember the "pig palace"does this surprise you?

Cute pictures of Miss Li Li

"Three Musketeers" & Rainbow Bridges

We lost the last of the "Three Musketeers" last Thurs. Lucy (yellow lab owned by my neighbor Ellen) & Onyx (black lab owned by another neighbor Carol) grew up as puppies together & Liza adopted us at 4 years old to join them. Ellen lost Lucy just before Christmas but both Liza & Onyx were able to celebrate their 14th birthdays. We like to believe that the following is true & that they are all having fun together. We sure miss you..........................

Happy Birthday Greg & Susan

This is a double birthday my brother Greg & also my SIL Susan. Hope you both have a great day!

Happy Birthday Scott

Today is Scott's birthday...............Happy Birthday to my "middle" child!


It is finally my kinda weather..................87 deg feels like 92 deg & here I am shivering in the airconditioned building! Yep.........another Sunday & I'm working! This time the afternoon shift & it is very painful!

The flowers love all the rain

The white flowers are "goose-neck" loosestrife....the perfect name

I love the way they curve over!

This is a dragon's blood grass....too bad it's an annual around here!

This is my new standard hydrangea

Birthday Pictures

Miss Li Li doing one of her favorite things - eating dip!

Playing hide & seek. Look at her cheating!