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When the weather turns blah.......

Just a week ago I did a post about how ridiculously cold the weather was...........
........yesterday the temperature got up to 58 degrees!!! was 48 degs when I got up this morning & between the warm temps & the rain we had all night almost all the snow melted, however, it is getting so windy & the temps are plummeting!
......this is what you do to make up for the "ugliness" outside......... buy flowers.....the brighter the better....especially if they look like sunshine!

My new favs

Every time I do some more sewing I come up with a new favorite dress or combination of materials

This one, I have to say, is my new favorite...........
........I just love this material......the combination of colors
........the design.......
......I even found I had some ribbon hanging out that became a matching bow!!
.....or is this my new fav?  It maybe the one I'm working on now!  Who knows?

A change in the weather

We met up with Bob & Max today in Round Lake village planning to walk the bike path.  The trail was very snow covered & icy so we changed to plan B & decided we would walk around the village instead.
I just love this village as it is so "old worldly" with lots of victorian style houses that people keep up using the same paint styles as when they were built.
This one, I think, went a "little" over the top!
This one I kinda like............
......however this one looked like they poured a couple gallons of Pepto-Bismol on it!

Much more toned down
I love this house & it is for has a huge yard........
......look at the stonework.
This is the other side.....see their view of the lake.

This is the front of someone's garage.
We found a baseball field for Max & Molly to have a run.
You know it's cold when running water freezes!  It was probably around 20 degrees & it felt a heat wave to us.  We have hardly walked at all this past…

What a serger can do

I realized I never posted these pics I took of my serger so I could show what it does....actually the only thing I've figured out so far would be more truthful!
 It's a little scary as it cut the excess material away as it finishes the seam
 This is the finished seam.....I have to add that the machine came pre-threaded & while I was doing this one of the threads ran out so I had to figure out how to thread it.  There is a lower looper, an upper looper & two needles.  I had a quick lesson in the store watching someone do it & I figured I could do that.


 I forgot the most important part of the has to be threaded in order from right to left & I just threaded the one that ran out & it only took 59 tries before I remembered that part!
This is a "before" picture

& the "after"
A couple more dresses I made

Holy's cold!

I got up this morning early & left for the gym at 5:00am.....I know crazy but I have been using Popster's car so I need to be home by 6:15 so he can go to work. (My car is on it's winter hiatus...we parked it in my neighbor's garage back at the end of December & I haven't bothered to go get it yet)

Anyway back to me going to the gym so early.......I jumped in the Popster's car, which was in the garage, wearing a light weight nylon jacket over my tee shirt & yoga pants not even thinking about the weather. I got out of the car at the gym & my eyeball froze over. When I got upstairs on a cybex in front a tv showing the local weather it was 1 degree!

What was I thinking!!!!!!



Today is my mother's birthday....Happy Birthday are missed so much!

Black & White or not?

Yesterday we went to a section of the bike path near the river that is always plowed when it snows.  Because of our Jan thaw every hiking trail is tough to walk.
I took a few pictures & did them in b&w as well

This one I cropped in on the flag & made it a focal b&w.