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Fall decorating is fun with a porch

I had so much fun decorating the porch for fall having had so many ideas floating around in my brain.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

I made this from real pumpkins that I yourself a favor do not attempt this.  The pumpkins rotted & the whole thing fell apart after a week & a half.  It doesn't cost anymore(actually probably less) to make it from fake ones & as long as you weight it down.......yes mine blew away in a gale force will have it forever


Hiking in Indian Meadows

The beginning of September & it's still really warm......more like august weather.  We decided to take the dogs over to Indian Meadows to ecplore a new trail we had seen earlier in the week.
They have put in all these outdoor exercise machines......reminds me of the parks in China!

Kind of a strange sign......we are nowhere near the ocean😜

Jess never misses any creature alive or dead!
The wild flowers are still beautiful
This is where the trail goes deep into the woods

The sun is just going down

Of course Jess spotted this but I wasn't getting too close! Perfect night for a walk.