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Teaching young children to use a sewing machine

I have been meaning to post this forever(for you Dawn).
 This is how I modifed the control foot on LiLi's sewing machine to make it easier for her to use.  You need a piece of wood cut to the width of the foot control.  Experiment with the sewing speed to decide how high it needs to be.
 Popster custom cut mine but you could probably use something like a paint stick or a shim?
 All you need to do is tape to back of the foot
 Now you can see how it stops the control from going down too far so the machine will not sew at full speed.  I also put a piece of this tape on the stitch plate to help her sew in a straight line.
 A couple more views.


"Entertainment comes free with installation"

I was up early mon morning because they were coming to put the floor down in the living room......yeah.... we would be on our way to not having to maneuver our way around all the furniture piled everywhere.
The day didn't start well!  My cell phone rang early!  It was Larry telling me his truck broke down.  My answer was "then you need to call your boss & figure out plan B because my floor is being done today"...very sympathetic aren't I?  After about a half dozen phone calls they were sending another crew. 

Bad news they wouldn't be there until 10:00.  Good news they were sending 3 guys to make sure it got done.

Bad news they didn't show up until almost 11:00.  Even badder news they sent George Costanza & 2 "mountain men" from Deliverance one of which went home sick after 45 mins(if I had to guess he was suffering from "monday morning hangover" or too much moonshine over the weekend) 

However they did appear to know what they we…

The "joys" of remodling!

After finally getting the house clean & livable from having the upstairs floors refinished we started on the living room.
We are replacing the carpet with hardwood so this what the house looked like most of last week
The furniture is piled in the sun room & kitchen while we rip up the carpet & paint the room.
Molly is totally upset as most of her favorite places to lay have disappeared & she has been constantly told to stay out of the room.
I walked out for five minutes & when I came back this is what I found.

Do you think she is flipping me the bird?

A few years of dreaming....... now all mine!
 I have had this idea in my head for a few years now & after having a corner downstairs for my sewing machine & then another corner in this bedroom upstairs & then 2 corners of this room I finally claimed the whole room for me.
 The daybed is now downstairs which gave me room to make my craft/sewing table bigger.  It was a quick fix making a new top.  Popster cut down one of the old closet doors I had to sweet talk a guy in L*wes to cut a piece of laminate the right size for the top.  I just had to paint the edges white.
 See how pretty the floor is now.

  The bulletin board is now my brain so I can put all the things I "dream up"  on it & hopefully unclutter my  head.....that will never happen but it's worth a try.  The curtain rod was something I found on pinterest.
I an loving my new space which I waited for for so long.  Only problem I'm on the short end of my winter hiatus so don't have long to enjoy it!


What is a snood?

It is the first day of spring???????
Are you joking??? Even Floyd is trying to get on his knees & pray for better weather!
This is a hair snood(for Dawn).

Must go as we have another room totally upside down & I have to get painting.  They will be here first thing Mon to install a hardwood floor in our living room.

Ballston Lake

Usually when we drive past the lake I'm trying to get Popster to stop so I can take a picture
He really accommodated me this time & pulled into the parking area so we could walk out on the fishing pier

It felt a little scary like if the ice gave way the whole thing would be going under!

It was worth it to get such great shots of winter!

Gotcha Day

It has been 6 years since a special little girl came into all of our lives

Now check out that smile...LiLi you are growing up before our eyes!

Happy "gotcha day" Mark, Dani & Sophia LiLi!