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"The 1st 30 days!"

This is what my living room looks like now!

But how can anyone yell at this face??

Her new favorite game - playing football with a basketball

One of her favorite ways to sleep!

It has been an interesting month & that's putting it mildly! Popster made the comment that before Miss Molly came along he read a library book a week. Since she joined us he is still reading the same book also the same page! Her manners have really improved & thanks to the "Gentle Leader" walking is a lot easier. We started obedience class last week & once we got past the initial excitement of meeting the other dogs she settled down & did really well. Only problem was in the car on the way there she drooled up a river & on the way home threw up spite of me stopping 3's a 5 minute ride!!!!! She has been riding in Popster's car & we take her to the park with her only drooling a little. Hopefully she will outgrow this! About two we…

Happy Father's Day!

The girls heading up the hill with Li Li.

She wouldn't ride alone so one of them had get in!

Back up again!

Jessie's turn!


Almost hit the stop sign!

"Halpin" Papa

She painted the coffee mug!

The three "Dads" having dinner.

Li Li eating like a "big" girl!

Li Li came to visit!

"Halpin" Nana do gardening - take note of the gloves - everything has to be "like Nana"!

Trying to push the wheelbarrow!

Her "say cheese" grin for the camera!

Collecting "rocks" on our way down to the corner.

"How about this one?"

"No too big Nana!"

Throwing our "rocks" in the storm drain.

I made her scrambled egg with cheese for lunch which she promptly told me " No like it!" I put some on a spoon & asked her to try it, which she did & after I said "wasn't that good?" she looked right at me & said "I told you!" I thought Popster was going to split a gut laughing!

Flowers & yard pictures

Just a few pictures I have taken the last two weeks - the last ones are of the new garden bed. I was going to take pictures from the street but the yard is a total mess from Monday's bad storm - we had hail so it brought down a lot of leaves & took the petals of a lot of flowers. Hopefully they will all come back soon!

Who me?

I did not try to destroy that blue hosta!" "Not me!"


As part of the adoption agreement for Miss Molly we had to sign her up for obedience starts this Sat. I received an e-mail from the instructor & this was the first thing it said

Do not bring your dog to the first class!

I get up early & Miss Molly sleeps in?????

Who is the class for??????????

Momma said there'd be days like this!

"Oh no don't tell me I was adopted by a crazy lady who walks in the rain!!!!!"