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Father's Day (part 1)...Goats & Golf Carts

We spent the afternoon at Scott's house which is a kid's paradise!
 Their latest endeavor is to raise goats....the cows became too big so had to go to a new home!
 This is Oliver the baby goat
 This guy doesn't have a name yet

 Neither does the female

 We stopped on the way back to check on the chickens & LiLi collected the eggs.  I don't have any proof as this as I had to make an "egg basket" out of her t-shirt in order to get them back to the house without breaking any!
 Oliver goes everywhere with Scott

 He just follows along with the crowd!

 Jessie was smitten & wanted to take him home!
 Next up was golf cart rides with Uncle Jeffrey

 They were headed down to the pond for the fishing contest.
 LiLi got her turn driving it with Jessica
 Stay tuned for part 2 & find out the winner of the contest...I'll give you a hint....
Girls Rock!!!!


Soccer anyone?

Last Sat was LiLi's last game & the first one I was able to get to
We made it about halfway into the game & she was goalie for that period
Getting in some practice with Jessie

Back in the game for the last period

They were down 3 - 1 & came back to win it 5 - 3!
Being goofy during team pics
They got popcicles from the coach but LiLi had lollipops for everyone

Check out the fancy soccer cleats

Gimmee some lovin!

Molly is taking a class to become certified as a therapy dog

 Do you think she'll be good at it?

Heel-sportin Hula!

We were going out to eat last Sat with Mark & Dani & this is what Miss LiLi chose to wear.
 Yes she did her own hair again

Check out the shoes!

Guided tour of Jenkins Park....tour leader Miss Molly

Popster & Molly discovered a new trail at Jenkins Park which is right around the corner from our house
 We have been going there for years but usually just to the ball field where Popster throws the frisbee for Molly to chase.  They have been working on these trails for a while now & they finally finished

They are well marked & have a layer of crushed stone in the beginning  The bridge leads to the red trail
 Molly is showing us the way

There are a number of benches along the way

 This is why it's called the Pine Forest

After coming out  from the woods the trail goes all the way around the playgrounds & pond A couple of self-portraits for Dawn who left a comment  about me never being in any pics!