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Catch me if you can

On our way to taking LiLi home on sunday we stopped at Kinns' park to take Molly for a run
I think LiLi ran as much as Molly!

I'm not sure what's going on with Molly's ears!


Easter Fun

Can you believe it was only yesterday & I'm already posting pics
 Everyone came over early & we had brunch instead of dinner
 LiLi was helping me do some dishes before she started looking for eggs
 Jessie had just come from church so I had to snap a quick pic of her in a dress......within 5 mins she was changed into her usual leggings & casual shirt.
 My beautiful granddaughters
 photo bombed!

 LiLi & Popster got in a piano lesson
 LiLi decided she wanted to spend the rest of the day with us so we took Molly for a walk
 Molly carries her own leash on the way home
 Then she wanted to do some sewing
 She wanted to make something for Mitsy
 A tutu!!!
 It looked better around her neck!

"I'll have what she's having"

After our trip to the dog park we wandered back to JoAnne's apartment

 New York was full of tourists
 A good place to "people watch"
 We then took a cab ride down to Katz's deli for a late lunch.  We had to stand in line just to get into it so we could stand in line again to wait for a table

 Everyplace is covered with pics of all the famous people that have eaten there
 Do you remember the move "Sleepless in Seattle"?
 This is it!
Popster's pastrami sandwich....that's just half & yes he ate the whole thing  Now we have to hail a cab to get back.  After eating those sandwiches we should have walked back.  Some of us did have doggie bags
 You could just about throw a baseball from JoAnne's apartment to the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel but that one was closed due to construction
 We went around in a circle for at least 45 mins trying to get to it in this traffic.  Molly amused everyone by sticking her head out of the back window.

Country dog with her city cousins

We sat & had coffee while we recovered from "traffic nerves"
 Why does Molly look like this?
 Because Addie is sitting on Popster's lap
 This is the view from their apartment
 We headed out to take the dogs to the park
 Now we need to cross that crazy traffic we were in earlier.
 Walking along the Hudson

 It amazes me that in the midst of two 4-lane highways there is a little green space with two parks
 One for dogs & the other one for kids

 Sadie likes to be "King of the Hill"

 New York city even has designer pigeons