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"Are they really there?"

Mark, Dani & LiLi came over for breakfast this morning.....
 here she is checking out the elf & fairy house.....she is not quite sure she likes them!

 I found these two fairies on line.
 Eating her breakfast...yummo donut!

The first one was taken last year & this one today!

....even though she hasn't grown much she looks older now!

Bernie is teasing Molly

Happy -0th Birthday to my baby brother

Today my brother has a milestone birthday....I won't say how old he is but it falls between -9 & -1!!!!!

Cousin Freda came to town

Cousin Freda arrived last night after a very stressful journey.....I think she had a hard time getting all her jewelry through customs. 

 She has spent the morning complaining to Floyd about her accommodations!
I would say from the expression on her face she's scared of heights!!

What is wrong with people???

We had the most miserable night for golf today.  It was extremely overcast when we started & they were predicting thunderstorms.  It started raining by the 3rd hole, stopped for a while but the last 3 holes it totally down poured!  I have never been so drenched as I hadn't evened bothered using an umbrella,  my shoes were full of water & I was just dripping water.

 I got right in my car without even taking off my golf shoes.  At the first intersection there were 2 cars in my lane & 3 cars in the left lane.  When I got to the stop sign I noticed a car pulled over on the road I was turning onto & a young girl was standing behind it on her cell phone but I could see she was crying.  I pulled & asked her if she needed help at which she totally lost it.  I jumped out of my car & eventually she told me someone pulled out of that intersection right in front of her.  She couldn't avoid hitting the car but the person driving didn't stop,  just turned around …

Wild flowers

Floyd has a new "do"

Floyd has a new hairdo for an upcoming special occasion.  He is so excited as he has gotten in touch with his long-lost cousin Freda......I think he found her thru Facebook.......& she is planning to pay him a visit.  The last he heard was she needed to get her visa so he's not sure exactly when she  plans to pop in from across the pond!

I seriously believe the next time Floyd considers changing his appearance he should maybe go somewhere more upscale than the "dollar store"!!

There's a new kid in town

This is Bernie.....LiLi's new puppy.  He's an 8 week old golden & is as adorable as he looks!

You know I had to include a picture of the other adorable kid!

"Ssssh....they may be sleeping"

I bought these over the winter & finally got around to creating an "elf/fairy house" for LiLi.

 It's in the back of the yard near the hammock....I can't wait for her to come over & see it!

Who is the child here or "Are you their Mother?"

On our way across this bridge I noticed JoAnne & Jessie were missing & when I turned to ask Popster where they were he said: "You might not want to know!"

Do you see them?

They climbed over a 6 foot high fence, down a bank, up the other side, over another fence & here they are!
For those of you who do not know AUNT JoAnne is old enough ....Iwon't tell her know better!

We walked around the other side where there was a little old lady with her cane watching the whole crazy episode.  She looked at me & said "Are you their Mother?"
I said "No I'm their PR person"
This is what was on the other side of the stupid little walkway they were crossing!
Crazy girls!!!

Road trip Boston - part 3

Joshua had to work today so we left early to take him & stopped for breakfast on the way.  After dropping him off we came back & got Molly so we could go for a walk along the river.
 This is the park at the end of Jo's street.
 Molly decided she needed a better view of the river!
 I think this mourning dove was nesting.

 This is on the other side of the river where they have luxurious apartments.