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LiLi in her Santa hat

Sunset on the lake

It was really a little early for the sunset but I thought this was a great shot anyway
Molly posing on a rock near the bike path

Thanksgiving breakfast with Miss LiLi

LiLi likes to make her own eggs for breakfast so here she is "scrambling" her eggs.

She is such a "big" girl now she even can butter her own bread!  Using a knife!!!!!!
My last photo assignment was using available light so here's a couple of shots I took.

Happy Thanksgiving

Molly with an "ATTITUDE"

These pictures were taken after Molly got home from the groomers....she always has a "big time attitude"
& won't give either of us the time of day for a few hours! It's like she is totally p.o'd because we left her there all day!

46 years ago...............................

Today is our anniversary & I  have decided this post will be my version about how we met.......Popster's version would more than likely not be the same but that's how we roll!

It was new year's eve 1963....yikes!.......I was a telephone operator in a little town called Huntingdon in England.  It was about 3 miles from Alconbury, an amercan air force base.  All calls went thru our switchboard including ones from the base so consequently we got to know all the GIs. we would meet them at the Nickel Coin.........pictured here
during our coffee..... or should I say tea?....breaks & lunch hours.  Whenever some newbies were transfered in they would be brought to town to meet the local girls.

It was not "love at first sight"......I thought he was kinda nerdy & he thought I was a "stuck-up english broad"!  It was a few weeks later when he asked me to go to the movies that I realized he wasn't so "nerdy", so I guess we'll call it "…

The big engagement!!!!!

So what's the verdict from all you Brits over she good enough for him?

Does she really meet the criteria to become Queen one day?

Have they really been living in sin....(gasp)..... all this time?

What day is it???????

I go to work in the dark!

I come home in the dark!

Is it the weekend yet?

Or did I miss it?

Photo Class

This week's assignment was to take a picture having the subject in focus & the background out of focus but having enough detail in it that it is still part of the overall shot.

These are my shots I'm using.....all ones I have obviously taken earlier except for the last one of Molly. It was taken earlier this week but I did some editing in photo-shop. I kinda like the way it looks considering I only spent about 10 mins doing it!

Happy Birthday Lucy

Today is a very special birthday for my SIL Lucy....we will not mention which one as "ladies" do not reveal their age or that of any female they know!

Especially if they happen to be related to that person!

And the "rodent" saga continues...........

Oh yes.....there's been another rodent sighting!

This time in the man cave!

It is sometime in the middle of the night & I can't sleep as I keep hearing the little varmit!

Popster & Molly are competing in the Sealy/Serta 2010 Snore-off!

I think we're good for a silver!

I think he's down there watching the Disney channel....hoping to catch a glimpse of his hero Mickey!

Probably noshing on some of the goodies Popster keeps stashed behing the bar!

I don't know why I think I'm safe up here......probably my ill-conceived notion that mice can't climb stairs!

Please don't burst my bubble!

I have to go now & try to figure how to get back to my bed without my feet touching the floor.

Happy Birthday Barry

It's my nephew Barry's birthday  ....hope it's a good one!

There's snow on the pumpkins!

These were taken around 1:30PM & I guess I didn't believe we really get any accumulation .....never assume anything! By the time it was over we had about 1-1/2 to 2 inches....even more further east of us. Made for an interesting evening commute with lots of fender benders. I find it very hard to believe that anyone who lives in the "Great Northeast" has to relearn every stinkin' year how to drive in the snow!!!!

I had my photography class last night & wasn't going to let a little snow stop me......I just took Popster 4-wheel drive SUV!

Walking by the river

Some Canadian geese resting on their way south for the winter!

 Could this be the Mohawk's version of "Nessie"????
 I guess I need to practice my "motion" shots but I had to include the crazy dog in action!

Stockade-athon 15K 2010

Today was the Stockade-athon 15K race that John S. (the pro at Stadium) was running in.  We decided to go down to the finish to root him on.

Way to go Johnny Boy!

This is Will ...his son along with his wife Courtney