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What was up with Aunt Em???

LiLi decided she wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween & my first thought was "How easy is that!"
As usual I was so wrong!!!  I was so excited when I went to the store as I not only snagged the last 2-3/4 yds of blue & white gingham, I got an end of bolt discount!  Then also snagged the last packet of blue rick rack.  It gets better!  I ran next door to T*rget & got the last pair of ruby red slippers in her size!
Then I went home & started sewing & discovered Aunt Em must have thought she was Betsy Ross.....look at those sleeves! Notice the straps & trim cut on the bias!
This is on the have to make this!  It's cut on the bias!  Then pressed like bias tape before being sewn on!  I still have scars!  Aunt Em was an "overachiever"!
I could have skipped that part. 

Would anyone have noticed if I did?

But you know me.

 I didn't.

 I guess that makes me an "overachiver" as well!



Late afternoon at Shenantata

We didn't head out for a hike until late in the day & decided to park at a different spot so we could walk the last section of this path

It goes through some kinda swampy areas

There she is waiting for me
I knew I would get some good shots on the way back as the sun was going down
I love the "tunnel effect" from the wide angle lens

What is that up ahead crossing our path?
I'm guessing a fox Love

Thatcher's Park

These were taken on the perfect day at the perfect time.  We went up to Thatcher's park along with thousands of leaf peepers.
 I will let the pictures do the talking


Clouds, milkweed & sunset

I am so obsessed by the sky.  Clouds are so amazing!  The milkweed looks like a mythical creature!