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Free as a bird


Ferry to Cape May & on home.......

I don't think we needed reservations for the ferry
There were only around 30 cars on it

Molly checking out what's going on

 After we got underway I took Molly out of the car & we explored.  She made friends with everyone we met & checked out every square inch.

Coming into Cape May

Popster stuck his head but at this point he was going downhill rapidly......he was losing his "superman cape"!

 He drove as far as the thruway & finally gave in & let me drive home from there.  We got home around 6:30 & by 7:00pm were sitting in the urgent care clinic.  By now he looked, as well as felt, terrible.  His eyes were red & oozing crap & his throat was so sore he was positive he had strep.  He was finally seen by Doogie Howser's younger sister who "diagnosed" him with a sore throat caused by post nasal drip & conjunctivitis.  No strep!  He was sent home with a nasal inhaler, eye drops & something for his cough.  He proceeded to s…

Sunrise in Dewey Beach

After we left Assateague we headed up the coast toward Lewes, Delaware.  I had made reservations for the ferry to Cape May that was leaving at 8:30 Saturday morning.  We wanted to spend the night somewhere within a 30 minute drive of Lewes.  I was having a hard time finding a hotel that would take pets so we resorted to using onstar.  They found us a room at a Hyatt hotel in Dewey Beach.  The place was so beautiful & they didn't even charge for Molly.  When we were on our way up to our room we met another Doodle dog(golden-doodle) so apparently big dogs were very acceptable.  They also sent us to a restaurant just down the street that had the best food.  Steamed shrimp & a maryland crab cake to die for!
 We were up very early the next morning & were able to get to the beach to see the sun rise

 Goodbye beach.....see you again soon


The beach at Assateague

We finally gave up the search for the invisible horses & headed to the beach

 As you can tell it was very cold & windy....Molly knows what Popster has hidden in his jacket
 It was her frisbee

 The perfect place to throw it....check out those "doodle" ears
 The wind was really taking it all over but she can figure where it will be & catch it every time

 Oops a quick change in direction
 Got it!
 Maryland is known for it's crab cakes & this must be why
 There were huge crab shells everywhere

 I also found more driftwood
 Those same ponies taunted us on the way out

 Can you tell I'm obsessed with bridges
 I forgot the name of this one.....somewhere on the way to Lewes