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Happy Halloween

It was a fun night once I got home from work......yes I had crazy golfers stay out past dark so couldn't leave until they were done!

Every year Popster has a contest with his kids to see who can bring him the most Reese's peanut butter cups.

It's so cute having kids ring the doorbell & hand their bus
driver candy!

It's halloween in reverse!

A "rose" between thorns"

Everytime I look out of my kitchen window this is what I see
         It never fails to amaze me.......
          ........that something looks so beautiful.........
          ..........when all the other plants are saying goodnight!

That was a whole lot of nothing!

We waited all night for the heavy rain & winds & I guess we got lucky as it all missed us.  We will have to see what today brings
                I took these over the weekend
            I bought a new bird feeder
                         Now the blue jays have decided to move in

            Even the chipmunk go some crumbs

Still waiting.........

This is what the sky looks like.........still no rain!
 The birds are busy eating.......
 So is Mr Squirrel

Hanging out waiting for Sandy

They closed the golf course so I'm hanging out waiting for the weather to "happen"!
          I decided to spend some time brushing Molly
          She's wishing I wasn't given the day off!
              "You know when you're not around Popster let's me be a dog!"
        " We go to the park & I'm allowed to roll in the puddles if I want to!"
           "If I pull faces will you quit with pictures!"

Halloween Parade

Mark & Dani had their annual halloween party last night
We stopped by to watch their little parade up & down their street
Popster is giving them all candy as they go by

A splash of red

We took Molly to Kinns road on the way to watch the halloween parade at Mark & Dani's
See how drab it is now the leaves are almost down.....
but check out this splash of red!

the view from here

This is our back yard right now
Taken from outside
The view from the sun room

Taken outside

The view from the sun room

Evening bike ride

I took these Sat night just after 5:00pm .....the perfect time to get nice shots without harsh lighting
Does the shot make you dizzy.........between the leaves & Miss LiLi's jacket!
I cannot believe she hasn't out-grown this bike yet!
I was trying to get some back-lit shots but she kept riding right at me.

We kept checking the camera & I had to reject 3 or 4 because her eyes were closed.
So everyone who has trouble keeping their eyes open please take note as she demonstrates how easy it is!

We then went back to the driveway which has enough of an incline to make her very happy.