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Bleeding hearts

I love spring flowers & so wish they would last longer than they do
 We always get some really warm days so it never happens
 This year has been crazy & we hit 90 degs already
 It's like we went from winter to summer.

 The pansies are wilting.....they don't like heat
 I guess I'd better get moving & plant some annuals


Pretty flowers


River walk & birds

We found another section of the bike trail to walk on last weekend
 We had to start out across the road from the river

 We spotted these baltimore orioles & I managed to get a couple good shots of them

 They are so stunning

 I'm pretty sure this is a mockingbird

 There is a mix of different houses along this road.....anywhere from camps to fairly new humongous mansions
 These guys were in one of the yards.....I love the way Papa duck is strutting his stuff!


Cousin Felicity???

Freda:  "Floyd.  FLOYD.  Wake up you old goat!"
"We have a visitor"
Floyd:  "What's up woman!  You know I need to see the insides of my eyelids in the afternoon." Freda:  " This is Felicity.  She's from cousin Fergie's side of the family.  I think that makes her our 2nd cousin twice removed.  Or something like that!"
Felicity:  "Oh hello Floyd.  It took me ages to get here.  Somehow I managed to get stuck in New Orleans during Mardi Gras!"
Freda:  "Well I never!  I find that hair-do quite interesting!   What do you think Floyd?"  I don't recall anyone in our family having "dreadlocks"!  Is that what they're called?" Floyd:  "Freda you need to stop being judgemental.  I find her quite refreshing!"

Blustery day

More pics found on my camera.  These are from the Colonie park on a very windy day.  We were bundled up as the wind blew us around.

 There's a little green showing on the trees

 The river had whitecaps that day!

 I love looks like a painting!  It's taken from the little covered bridge

Saratoga Park

These were taken on a sunny but cool weekend a couple weeks ago.  We're in the middle of one of the coldest springs ever.  It came early & we've had some beautiful warm days but then it turns so cold & windy!  Very extreme changes......Thurs we ate dinner on the patio & it was 75 degs.  Sunday & yesterday it was barely 50 degs with 20 mph winds & we were bundled up in layers, gloves & hats trying to play golf!  Crazy!

 Every time we go to the park we find a different area to explore