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Happy Birthday "little brother"

Oh wow - I do believe this the year of the big59!

Molly & Agilio 11

Molly graduated from agilio 1 & seem to really have a good time. It was good for her as there were 8 dogs in her class & one of her biggest problems is acting "crazy" around other dogs. She really was getting the hang of all the agility - except the tunnel - plus doing much better with the obedience. (That's why it is called agilio as it combines the two.) Popster has set up a abbreviated version on our front lawn to practice with.

We decided to sign her up for the next session which would be adding more of the agility part. Now it is on Thurs nights so I can go & be the one to work with her. The first week they added the ladder for them to walk through - piece of cake - but we ran into all kinds of trouble with the tunnel again. I did manage to get her through it but it wasn't my finest moment as I crawled halfway through myself!!!!

Needless to say I ended up on E-bay the next day & managed to snag me a tunnel for a decent price but it is comin…

Just a few more pictures of my back yard

Yard Projects

These are a couple of projects I have going in my yard...........the path right now is the path to nowhere, but hopefully when it all comes together it will be a "quiet place" to sit & read or take a nap? 

This is step one & hopefully step two isn't too far behind!
The sign on the tree came from our golf course......they got new tee signs.  I had wanted #6 which is my favorite hole but had to settle for my next favorite instead.

LiLi's dance recital

This is the video of LiLi's dance recital.....I have watched it 55 times already!

Maybe even 65!

But I think she's cute!

Very cute!

Also very funny!

She's the little "peanut" on the left

I can say that cus she's my granddaughter!'s not really 7 years bad luck is it?????

This mirror fell off the wall at 1:30AM & shattered into millions & millions of pieces!!!

On a side note we have had Miss Molly for 14 months & she has never gone down stairs (it took her about 6 months to go up stairs!). If her ball goes down she just lays at the top staring at it until one of us gets it for her. I'm convinced it's because she can see herself in those mirrors & probably thinks another dog lives down there??

Anyway after that "explosion" in the middle of the night it took quite some time to calm her down.

Do you think she'll ever go down there now???

Hostas, Hostas & more Hostas

Dani, LiLi & I went to the Glenville Gardens on Sunday to see what hostas we could find...they grow over 400 varieties & have about 40 of them for sale. Most kids would be running around touching things but we were snickering to ourselves about LiLi. She spent most of the time we were there(& it was quite a long time!) either sitting in this chair or on the steps "writing". I have a little notebook & several pens in my purse just for her. When we were finally done & paying for our plants she even wrote the lady a check for my plants! She's just too cute!!!!

PS. Yes Dani I "stole" this pic from your blog!!!!

Just more pretty flowers! could fry an egg on the sidewalk!

When the sun looks like this early in the am you know it will be another "scorching" day. This week has hovered in the mid nineties with the heat index around 105.

You might say a little hot!

Spa baths for toads

I decided the water in my fountain was getting "yucky" so I added a little clorox to it.................must have been the sudsing kind cus it's looked like this ever since.

Maybe the toad that hangs around it will think it's a spa!

Blueberries, sunglasses & baby strollers

Mark & LiLi stopped over on Sunday morning. The collage below is Miss LiLi eating a dish of blueberries....she followed them up with a piece of toast with "two butters" on it.
Translation: Real butter & peanut butter!

Then we rode the tricycle up & down the driveway & then took the "baby" for a walk

Happy 4th

You know you're a redneck when.............

Your sunroof on your car looks like this

Yes that is exactly what you think it is.........packing tape!!!

About 3 weeks or so ago my sunroof wouldn't close all the way.....the solution according to my mechanic is this or get it fixed to the tune of $1200-1400!!!

The car is 9+ years old!

But I love it!

It only has 75,000 miles on it!

They don't make this car any more!

I cannot find anything else I would consider driving!

Yes I did find something!

I don't think Popster will go for it!

My new car