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Thanksgiving Part 2

JoAnn & Josh were not able to get home for Thanksgiving so we made plans to meet them in Springfield which is just about halfway between here & Boston. I did some web searching & found a restaurant we met at for dinner & also found this bike path which ran along the Connecticut river. We didn't want to leave Miss Molly home alone so she came along for the ride!

This is the Basketball Hall of Fame - notice in this picture how close the railroad tracks are?
We had just gotten started & Amtrak came flying by & totally "freaked" Molly out. It took a while before she was "prancing" along with her tail up!!!

Every girl needs a plaid scarf in pink!

I love these pictures of the Memorial bridge that crosses over to West Springfieild

Thansgiving Part 1

Mark , Dani & LiLi came over for breakfast on Thanksgiving & Miss LiLi was sporting her new pink fur boots!! As you can see she was more than happy to "pose" for some "glamour" shots!

Here she is watching the Macy's parade.............she was getting so excited the parade took on a whole new meaning for the rest of us!

Guess what got her up on her knees?

Her favorite character Dora!!!

"Take your dog to work day"??????

I was covering the pro shop today as John was away. Greg(the owner) asked me if I wanted to bring Miss Molly with me - he had met her earlier in the week. He thought she would have a ball being able to run around the golf with Cal & Dusty(his aussies).
We got there at 7:00 AM & she did okay......just a couple barks at people but mostly sat behind the counter looking cute!
She went out on the course with Greg but was a little nervous of the work cart so he just walked out with her. She was her usual exuberant self & manage to embarrass me by giving him one of her "love nips" on the "arse".....that would be Molly!!!
Then when Cal & Dusty got there she got the hang of running along with the cart........I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving


I had some started posts that I just haven't had time to edit but this morning finally got around to taking care of them. They have all now been posted on the days they originally intended for so you can go back & read them if you want.

"45 years"

Today is our 45th wedding anniversay!

Ummm!.................I just checked & the "suggested gift" is sapphires.............I wonder if the Popster know that?????

What is it?????

I found this while I was raking leaves.........has Miss "Mollcula" been at it again!!!!

Happy Anniversary Terry & Lucy

Today is my big brother & SIL's 40th anniversary. Way to go you two!!!!!

Happy b'day Lucy

Happy birthday to my SIL Lucy

Happy B'day Barry

Happy birthday to my nephew Barry!

We're back!

Just to let you know we are back from our time to review the pictures I took........too many leaves so I have my work cut out for me for the next couple of days!

Also have to work as the weather has turned warm again. We left Ocean City at 6:45 AM yesterday & had a nightmare trip back.........Wanda had several mental breakdowns! I think she's history!!!! We drove directly to Stadium - do not pass go - so I could relieve Lisa. The place was crazy as it was in the 60's!

Sunrise - Ocean Beach

We were up early on Monday so I got these beautiful pics of the sunrise while I was getting dressed!

Day Three - Ocean City

Our third day we are back to Newport Bay & the weather was beautiful.....I think it got up to 70 degs by afternoon!

I finally got closer to the blue heron!

I love this shot looking out to the bay!