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Special birthday for the Popster!

I know I have been MIA for a few days but it's been a rough ride for the last couple weeks.  I lost a very good friend a few days before Christmas which was tough to take.  With the crazy weather we've had (70+ degs christmas eve) the golf course was still open & trying to keep up with the holiday rush seriously kicked my butt this year!
Check out "Miss Fashiondo"
In the middle of all this, this guy had a special big party this year.  We were threatened constantly that he would disinherit all of us!  Not that that scared us!!!
Don't you love this expression!

Of course he got the usual gag gifts

Someone did his usual "photobomb" with my camera!
The restaurant we had reservations at called last minute & said they had lost power so we had to do a last minute scramble & find somewhere else.....not easy when you have 13 people!  We got lucky & were able to get into a fabulous italian restaurant in Ballston Spa

Merry Christmas to all


Yearly Christmas Tree Tradition

We had our annual "family bonding" trip to get our christmas trees.  We don't do the trek thru the woods for hours, searching for the perfect tree anymore.  Instead we go to a friend of Scott who has a landscaping company & does trees etc for christmas

 We all met at Scott & Deidre's house & had some mulled cider.  Mis LiLi is now into this & has been known to drink some coffee (decafe of course).  They had been to see the Nutcracker the night before & when they got in the car to go home she asked Dani if they could stop at Dunkin Donuts!
 Molly did not take kindly to sharing her back seat with Cedric!

 LiLi provided everyone with candy canes
 This is Scott in the middle of his sales spiel!
 Mark & Dani with their tree which cost them $5,075.00!  Yes you read that right(I'll explain later)
 It's a beautiful outdoor fireplace......notice the for sale sign?

 I missed getting a pic of Scott & Deidre's tree but it took 2 guys to …

City dogs meet their country cousin

I am looking at these pics which are from Thanksgiving weekend & seeing how bundled up we all are(JoAnne is wearing Popster's warm jacket as she didn't bring a coat).  I just got home from work & the golf course was insanely busy as it was in the 50's & sunny,  Crazy weather!
 JoAnne came Sat afternoon for a quick visit & brought her "city" dogs with her
 This is Sadie who is a puggle........
 ........& big sister Addy.  These dogs don't know what grass is as even the dog parks in New York City are a "concrete jungle"
 We walked the trails around Jenkins & they just ran & followed Molly.
 Popster with his granddaughter:)
 We had a tennis ball with us & they couldn't get enough of playing chase

 Popster & Jess playing "monkey in the middle"

 Isn't she cute.....she was on sale in the pet store because she has an under bite & no one would pay full price.  JoAnne & Peter rescued her for $60…


I know it's December but I found some pics from Thanksgiving on my camera
We had a different kinda day & took a long ride, a short hike & then this beautiful walk across the Hudson river in Poughkeepsie 

It is a really cool walkway built on an old railway trestle

It takes a while to get to the river from this side

It was a beautiful day & there were lots of people walking off their turkey dinner

 Molly waiting patiently for one of her "peeps"

We finished off our impromptu trip with chinese food!