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The Aftermath!

We spent most of the day doing yard clean up....well not me so much as I had to leave for work at 10:30am....but Jessie came over to help out so her & Popster did most of it.  It was an absolute nightmare getting to Schenectady.  We have to cross the river which was going to crest sometime in the afternoon way, way above any previous level of flooding, so the two bridges I could normally use were closed.  It took me 40 mins to go about 3+ miles to a different bridge.  Most of the traffic turned out to be people wanting to check out the river!!!   Duh!!!
I managed to get home okay with just a couple detours but it was so dark I didn't get to see much of the flooding.  It is so bad in all the low areas around us as all the creeks overflowed & that's what caused the river to flood.  We are very lucky having just a few hours clean up as there are so many people that have lost everything.

I spent the afternoon on the golf course with the last group of my Junior Golf  Leagu…

Irene gave her best shot but........... wasn't all that bad.  Yes we did have lots of rain...around 4+ inches, & wind but not a strong as they predicted,  of course we lost power but then again when we live we lose power constantly!  Most of the time for no reason.  It went out about 8:00am & came back on around 4:30pm.  It just meant a very lazy day reading every section of the sunday paper & doing every crossword in it.  I even managed to complete the sudoku.......that never happens as the sunday one is the hardest!

 These were taken around ninish.
 See this branch went right through the shed roof...there is about 3 feet of it inside!
 This poor bedraggled bird was one of a few sheltering & getting some food around lunch time!
 This is a "redneck" chandelier!

 This is almost at the end of the worst part...taken around 4:00pm
 This is the Alplaus Kill which is up the street from us.
We took a ride to see how things were in the neighborhood.......lots of trees down but nothing really…

"Batten down the hatches"

We have spent about an hour "preparing" for whatever  Irene decides to throw our way. All the hanging plants are inside the garage, the lawn chairs are put away, we bungee-corded ....I just made that word up.....the gas grill to the deck railing & brought in our flag.

I can't help but think it's a lot of drama on the weatherman's part as we are quite a ways inland but they just love to overdo everything!

I absolutely refused to go to the market & stock up on bread , milk & water like the rest of the people around here.

I was silly enough to go to Lowes to look at ceiling fans & couldn't believe all the crazy people buying generators & batteries!

I think we'll have some rain & wind tomorrow but not as much as they say!

See you on the flip side!

Let's climb everything in sight

After LiLi took a nap (not) yesterday we went to the park.
"Higher Papa!"

 She was determined she was trying everything!
 This looked too daunting from this angle.
 So she tried it from the other end!


No....we did not let her go any higher on this one!


A lot of times getting up as early as I do......most times way earlier than the normal hard, extremely hard!!!
 But this  makes  it  all worthwhile!

LiLi goes "golfing"

I took LiLi for the day & among other things we went to the golf course.  I had got her a set of golf clubs for her 3rd birthday & they are still too big for her.
 I t took about 45 minutes for her to hit about 10 golf balls as she had to wash her club between every single shot.....she's just a little ocd!

 After that we went on the putting green for a while & then the big hit of the morning was riding around on a golf cart.....especially when I let her steer!

Horses in "hoodies"

Freda's baby sister

This is sister of Freda.   I made her for my friend Susie's birthday.  She was a disaster waiting to happen.  Broke the first pot drilling the holes, back to the store...bought 2 pots this time (insurance).  Broke the last small pot for her arm,  back to the store...bought 3 more this time (more insurance).  Finally the finished product.....I didn't make her as big because the last one was too heavy to hang!

Dog Rally

We went to a dog rally this morning that was being held by the club where we take Molly for lessons.  Just in case you should ask No we did not enter Molly!  As Popster so eloquently put it "There weren't any competitions for clowns!"

 This was amazing....these dogs did a five minute down...their owners had to leave the area so they weren't even in sight!  See those fences......Molly could have cleared those in one easy bound!!
 This is a poodle!
This is a labradoodle!
BTW she is saying "I could compete with that.....just don't even think about giving me that haircut!!"