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Out like a lion!

This is what we woke up to this morning.  It has been cold & windy all week....nothing like the previous two week!  I was working today & had to go in at noon.......not my normal shift but no one else could do it.  When I saw the snow I was thinking for a brief moment I wouldn't have to work. 

Nah it didn't happen, it soon melted!

These are the cherry blossoms on my tree out front .....the warm weather made them start to blossom a month early.
Look at the forsythia
This guy a red-bellied woodpecker lives in my yard now....I have to be so quick though to get him!

"Do you like my hat?"

Like? Or not?

I have been "playing" with post processing in B &'s amazing how it changes a photo's "mood"!

The next best thing

When you want to experiment with a new lens & no one wants to be bothered doing a photo shoot....

you use the next best option.
You might say she was a captive audience as I used it as a quick "obedience" session!

Go dog go!

My faithful reader Dawn made a comment about Molly's personality coming across as being "spazzy" so these pictures are devoted to "I'm spazzy & I know it"!!!!

Spring came very early

I took these yesterday.....the flowers are way ahead. It has been 70 - 80 degs this week!

Molly & Bernie

Last Sunday Mark came to our house with Bernie & we drove over to the bike path.

We let them off leash to run.....they were so funny!


Black & White

Didn't want you all to think I got to one thousand & quit! 

It has been a totally crazy week,  work is insane,  The weather is insane...80+ degs today! 

These are some pics from last week on the bike path.
The bull frogs were making so much noise in this swampy area!

Molly spazzing out