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Happy Anniversary..........

Happy 37th anniversary to Greg & Jenifer..........hope you have a wonderful day!!

Fuchsias are so beautiful

Dear Dole
Just wanted to bring to your attention that I am aware of how you keep shrinking my bag of salad mix.  It started out at 12 ounces & I did notice when it became 10 ounces & then 9 ounces!!  Please do not insult my intelligence!
When today I went to make my lunch & found this in the bag it was adding insult to injury.  It looks to me like the part of the lettuce that should thrown away?  Not to speak of the fact it probably weighs at least 2 ounces so now I'm down to 7 ounces!!!
Maybe we need to pay more attention to quality control instead of how we can give less & charge more.
Sincerely yours

More views of the destruction

I took these pictures earlier this week but since then Jeffrie & his buddy also known as Jeff have been here & taken two big loads of wood out.  They will let it season & then sell it for firewood.....that is just one part of the little business the two of them have together.

Remember this really cool path I made last year?

This is what it looks like now........................

LILi's Dance Recital

Last night was LiLi's dance recital & she was so excited & not the least bit nervous.  We were not shown any of the dance she was doing as it was a big secret! 

These pics are showing off her hair!

Papa Rocky gave her flowers
The show was very long but watching her enthusiasm as she danced made it all worth while!

"Destruction Reigns"!

They showed up to cut down our trees yesterday......naturally on a day when I leave the house at 700am & don't get home until around 9:00pm.  On seconds thoughts it's very good thing I wasn't here!
There are craters in my garden & lawn!
There is huge logs all over my garden!
I am not a "happy camper"!!!
I left Popster with my camera & a quick lesson on how to use it so he gets credit for the pics.

Happy Father's Day

Mark, Dani & LiLi came over for brunch this morning for Father's day.
 LiLi wasted no time getting something to eat!
 It cracks me up how Molly gets her face right in there!

 We had this giant bottle of "super bubbles" that I found in my favorite store T*rget!
 Check out this mega one!

 A trip to my my house is not complete without walking to the storm drain to throw rocks in!
Also dolly gets her outing as well!

Molly bike riding????

Popster has been teaching Molly to run along side of his bike.  It has been a slow process but she's finally getting it.

 They start off very slowly.......
 then speed up a little......
 which is when she gets crazy& decides to "carry" the leash......
 gradually she feels more comfortable....
 then she begins to gallop....
& the ears start to flap!!!!!