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Finally pictures from Christmas

*Now up-dated

I know it has taken me all this time to take the pics off my camera .............big problem -------the Popster is not working this week so I'm not able to "veg" for hours at my computer!!!! I will up date this post later.

This is LiLi's "red thread" teddy bear.

I just love the way she opens presents........every spec of paper has to be removed. One shred at a time! This girl could make Christmas last until Easter & then some!!!

She conned Josh into playing at the make-up/piano table............I don't know what he was telling her but we could hear real "belly laughs" from the other room!

Here she is singing pre-school songs with JoAnn ..............she loved it because Aunt Joannie knew all the words(from her first teaching job)!

Molly loved her new toy.

Miss LiLi being silly while we were trying to get a cute shot!

Am I beautiful?

She had a little "quiet" time on Daddy's lap.........she was tired from all the excite…

Merry Christmas!!

Hope Santa was good to everyone & that you all enjoy the day with your friends & family!

Merry Christmas to all

I decided I would make mince pies this year which is a very "english" tradition that I haven't done in quite a few years! I even make the crust from scratch!! SIL will be so proud of me!

The wooden rolling pin is 45 years old!

Here they are half ready

Now they get brushed with milk & sprinkled with sugar to make the tops crunchy!

Just out of the oven..........notice the cook has coffee ready for the taste-off!

All prettied up for tomorrow.

I had to add some pictures of Miss Molly with her reindeer toy she got from Katie

I was trying to get her to pose but she kept getting this close!

Happy Birthday Popster

Today is Popster's birthday!! He is enjoying his birthday at a Christmas party at the bus garage! We went to Mark & Dani's yeaterday to celebrate with pizza & of his favorites things to eat!

Here he is with the girls.

Of course Miss LiLi has to help open presents!

If you notice there appears to be a "theme" to the presents! No, those are not bottles of soda!

A hundred+ lb dog "trying" to play!! He's pretty funny!

Jessica just grabbed Teddy's collar in time or the cake would have been history!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!! Part 2

For the first time in more time than I feel like remembering we have a real christmas tree.............I know it only a table top tree that I paid a small fortune for but it is real!! We have small child puppy in the house so the tree had to be up out of reach. While we were buying it we started remembering some of the "crazy tree stories" from other years........

One of the funniest was the year we spent what seemed like hours walking through the snow searching for the "perfect" tree. We finally found it & just threw it in the back of the truck & drove home. As we were pulling in our driveway we were deciding whether to just put it in the garage or take it right in the house. Imagine our faces when we looked & the bed of the truck was empty!!!!! NO TREE!!! We drove all the way back expecting to see it on the side of the road somewhere but did not see it. I was feeling very "bah humbuggish" at that point but we stopped at a local fire s…

Miss Molly sleeping

This is how Miss Molly sleeps.............she is almost always like this! On her back with her back feet up & resting against something!

LiLi's Christmas concert.

Today was LiLi's christmas concert so I went to their house early & took her to daycare with Mark at 9:00 am. The concert was at 10:00 am. She would not tell anyone what she would be singing & because she seemed to know all the words to "Santa Claus is coming to town" we figured that was it! Well she fooled us all as it was "Rockin around the Christmas Tree". My pictures are not that good so hop over to Sophia's Blog to see the video.

Here she is running down the hallway to find Daddy.

Saying a "tearful" goodbye to Mommy........who had to go back to work!