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Working on it!

I took the camera to the park & then to dog school

I actually took movies but have to figure out how edit them & upload to web site....stay tuned!

My new toy

This is my early christmas is quite a big step but I decided I needed to move on.  I guess I don't believe in baby steps anymore....that's for "wusses"...I just took one several giant steps forward.
 It has way more bells & whistles than the one I was using.  The manual is just a few pages longer......266 to be exact!

If you don't see any pics for a while you'll know where I am!

Looking up!

Sometimes it's good to see things from a different angle!

Cheap labor

While Lili was at my house weds she chopped all the walnuts for the cran/apple bread we made.
She read me the directions, found all the spices, cracked the eggs.........
.....................added the ingredients.............
....................operated the mixer.........
...........then did the dishes

Then she put away all my toilet paper
..............every roll stacked as neat as a pin Then straightened up my pantry

Our Thanksgiving

We did our usual thing & met JoAnne & Josh along with one of Josh's friends for dinner in West Springfield
Of course Molly has to come along with us.
We always plan on getting there about an hour early so we can take Molly for a walk along the connecticut  river.
The sky was an incredible shade of blue
The river was like glass

Look at the perfect "mirror" image of the bridge
Just for kicks this is Miss Molly 3 years ago on this same bike path.

"Cause there was no school"

I had LiLi for the day yesterday as in her words "cause there's no school"

She had pumpkin bread for breakfast.....& yes she loves butter!
Molly was trying to get some "luv"!
I had to include this for my family in england  (& of course Dawn)  JoAnne sends her work sheet to do & this answer just cracked me up!
She always has to text while she's here.
She did a christmas craft.
Jessica showed up after lunch & they did each others hair
We then took a walk & they played in the leaf piles.

They had a race to see who could get to Popster first.....all the time Molly was pulling at the leash to join in!