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It ain't over til it's over!

My yard a week ago!

My yard today!

Also taken today

This what is left on the trees.

Hence the name of the post!

Need I say more!

Happy Halloween

Miss "October" LiLi

I just had to make a slide show of all the fall activities LiLi did. She is such fun to show all the "fun" things to!

Happy Anniversary Nigel & Susan Oct 29th 2008

I want to wish my baby brother Nigel & his lovely wife Susan a very,very happy 33rd anniversary............Mother would be so proud! Have a great day - love to you both. I'll be in touch real soon.

SNOW!!!! -it's October!

What is going on - it's October.........I need to rake leaves NOT shovel snow!!!!!

The DUMB "Smart Clock"

This Emerson Alarm Clock Radio will never let you wake up late again. The dual-alarm AM/FM clock radio with SmartSet automatic time setting system is the intelligent alarm clock radio from Emerson! This AM/FM clock radio automatically corrects the year, month, date, day and time as soon as the power supply is restored, so there's no need to reset after an electricity interruption. Features AM/FM radio, slide-rule tuning dial, rotary tuning and volume controls, one-touch radio on/off switch. large, easy-to-read red LED clock display, adjusts from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time automatically.

Does anyone else own one of these???? You'd think it would be terrific - right WRONG!!
Now they have changed daylight savings the "smart clock" does it on the wrong weekend!!! If you are too dumb preoccupied to remember to set it ahead so it can change back to the correct time it can be a problem! Especially when you work Sunday & have to be up! Luckily my dog knows h…

"To-do List"

Rake leavesPick up leavesRake leavesPick up leavesRake leavesPick up leavesRake leavesPick up leavesRake leavesPick up leavesRake leavesPick up leaves

The Lawn Mower Saga

Sometime at the end of May Popster bought me a new lawn mower. Yes to my is a "John Deere". He did all kinds of research & according to consumer reports this was the mower to buy. Well it worked terrific for approx 3 months & towards the end of Aug the cable(I call it the "dead mans" cable) that keeps the lawn mower running broke so of course I couldn't start it. After calling the "big box" store that it came from I was told I did not buy the extended warranty so they would fix it but at MY cost!
I needed to get the lawn mowed so I, of course being me, fashioned a way of joining the cable back together with a clamp. Sound good right? Wrong! It went twice as fast & after doing the back yard in half the normal I felt like I was trying out for the lawn mowing olympics!!!!!!!! Scott happened to across the street doing my neighbor's porch so he came to my rescue & cut a piece of wood that would keep the thr…

"To-do List"

Rake leaves.Pick up leavesRake leavesPick up leavesRake leavesPick up leaves.Rake leavesPick up leaves.Rake leavesPick up leaves

"To-do List"

Rake leaves.Pick up leaves.Rake leavesPick up leavesRake leavesPick up leaves


Here's wishing a very happy birthday to our "sweet but crazy" daughter JoAnn. Have a wonderful day - wish you were here to celebrate with. Love always Mom & Popster

"Fun"(not) Sunday

Got up at 4:00am as I work Sunday mornings & have to be there to open. After spending too long on my hair I realized I was late & flew out the door only to find my car totally dead!! Had to get the Popster up & moving(not easy) so he could give me a ride(not fun). I was in such a panic as nobody can get in until I get there to unlock the building & turn off the was okay as it was extremely cold & extremely foggy so I didn't have my usual Sunday morning early golfers knocking down the doors! Of course when I got home this afternoon the car started right up but Popster took it & got a new battery as it obviously had a problem.

I have always loved chopped salads & when I saw this in a magazine I decided to try is one of the best things I ever got. If you like salads it is sooooo just throw everything into the bowl & chop away! Tonight I used romaine, an apple, a pear, almonds & Gorgonzo…


39 degrees when I walked this morning............"I no like it!!!!"