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Day 12 Recap

I know this is really day 14 but Jim took the weekend off....poor guy, he needed it!!!

He really liked the idea of laying the tile diagonally.......although after a whole day of working on it he may have changed his mind!

I think it's looking good & even though I wasn't totally "sold" on the color ....I'm now liking it!

"War has been declared"

Actually there are two battles being waged today....the interior one against the "dust woobers" & the exterior one against the icicle that are taking over all the eaves of our house

I got up this morning resigning myself to the fact that we will be living like this another week or more!!! I was told yesterday the counter tops will take anywhere from 7-10 days......I'm hoping closer to 7 but who knows!! I cleaned & dusted every single room in the house & I'm sure it will be just as dusty tomorrow but for now I can relax & breathe again!!!

This is what our eaves look like because of the continuous snow we had going on last week.  It created the problem in the kitchen which got "band-aided" until spring, but then yesterday realized the front was creating a problem.  The ice on the edge of the roof was about 5-6 inches thick so when it melts the water finds a different way out.  It was getting behind the siding in the front of the house that ove…

Day 11 Recap

This is Mark from the place we ordered the counter tops from.....he was here first thing this morning to do the templates for the counters.

See I have counters.....a little difficult to keep clean though.  I think they're disposable ones!
Jim decided they would start the trim work instead of the floor as he wanted a whole day to be able to lay tile.
This is unbelievably time consuming but what a difference is makes!
Look pendant lights!
Crown molding.....isn't it beautiful?

Day 10 Recap

Today they started by putting down the hardie backer for the tile

They had picked up the new back door so that was next to be installed.

Check this out ....Davey even does windows!
Molly decided she would give them a hand with the last piece.  Actually she's had a ball "stealing" all the cardboard corners that were protecting the cabinets!  They are now scattered throughout the whole yard....I won't be finding most of them until the spring!

I was sitting on the stairs having coffee when I took this's so bright & airy in here!
This is Molly's new doggie gate!
Jim made her a "window" so she can see what's going on!

Day 9 Recap

Today didn't start smoothly as we discovered a leak first thing in the corner of the kitchen.........there was an ice jam on the corner of the lower roof which was creating the problem.  When they put our siding on a couple years ago they didn't do the flashing right so it has to be fixed.  Jim had cut out a corner of the ceiling yesterday to do a temporary fix that he thought would divert the water outside but the ice was stopping that from working.  This has been some brutal weather the last couple weeks creating problems everywhere.  They got up on the roof & had to put some ice melt down as the ice was so thick.
I went out this morning to order my faucet so they had this much done by the time I got home.
This cabinet was a pain to put in!
How do you like the carpet in my sunroom?  It's called drifting snow!  A little cold on the tootsies!

They had to bring "Suzy" - the corner cabinet in through the french doors!

Davey is cutting off all the shims now everthing… gotta love'm!!!!

I have done pretty well with my "sales" on Cr*ig's list but didn't get too many bites on the sink or faucet.  I took it off for a couple days then re-posted for the amount I wanted for both but reworded the ad to read granite sink with freefaucet  Jim's idea).  I got a call from someone yesterday who wanted to come right over & look at it.  He showed up & my "6th sense" kicked into action telling me Snake with a capital S!!!!!  He turned out to be one of those "slumlords" that owned a bunch of apartment buildings.  The sink was still attached to the counter so he started mumbling about how he could break it taking it apart etc, etc & then had the nerve to offer me $40.00!!
My answer was absolutely not.........& after some haggling back & forth we agreed upon $75.00.  At that point Jim walked out of the house & said he could cut it out of the counter for him if he wanted.  I'm shooting the hairyeyeball at Jim mouthin…

Day 8 Recap

Today was the best so far as I finally got to see the cabinets I picked out what seems like months ago! 
 You know what....I love them!  
It's a good thing...there's no going back!
When you watch these guys at work you can appreciate how much work goes into installing cabinets.....they don't just get thrown up on the wall in 30 mins like on HGTV!!!!

I like how this corner was give a more open feel when you walk in that way & the same coming down the stairs

I told Jim when he left that I planned to put all my stuff away in the pantry cupboard tonight......just kidding!!