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Momma & babies

This Momma duck was trying to get her babies back to the water

 They needed to negotiate this set of steps

 This little guy was afraid of heights & couldn't figure it out

 She was down in the water with the rest of them "yelling" at him to get moving
 It took him forever to get down there & he just fell into the water
 Maybe he doesn't like to get wet??

Saratoga in the spring

We love going to Saratoga......but not during track season.  It gets way too busy.

 We decided to take a walk around a couple weeks ago on a beautiful afternoon.

 We wandered into the park to check out the ducks
 They were everywhere & had lots of babies

 This is one of the smaller ponds so the babies were free to test out their swimming skills



I had 5 yards of mulch delivered on Sunday
 That means the next few weeks I will have an aching back
 But it will be worth it.........
 .....because all my beds will look like this

 It is a well known fact that I collect driftwood
 This is where it ends up


Air National Guard

A couple weekends ago Popster had signed up to do a therapy dog assignment at the air national guard family day.
They were expecting around 3,000 people......only had 2,000 as the weather was crappy.
It had turned cold & rainy & so windy up on the runway.  Most of the events were inside the big hangars

This is the transport plane that goes to the arctic
We were supposed to just mingle with the people.  Molly walked into this plane like she does it every day!

She doesn't look so big anymore does she?
I love German Shepherds
 He is gorgeous!

Garden visitor

This gorgeous butterfly flew into my garden
 It's a swallowtail & he was feeding from the weigelia
 Usually when I see something like this by the time I run inside to get my camera it's gone
 This guy hung around & gave me a chance for lots of shots