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Mother's day & rollerblades

It was a very quiet mother's day this year. Popster was still sick & the weather was cold & windy.  Jessie, LiLi & Tyler are playing a very competitive game of Sorry
There may have been some elbowing & yelling involved
I do believe from that expression LiLi is winning! The following weekend was much nicer & we were able to get out to do some much needed yard work.  Jessie stopped over to pick up her birthday present....only 2+ weeks late.
She wanted rollerblades so she could take Luna on the bike path

Whoops a little wobbly take-off!
& we're off
Don't take my picture
She has been going a lot with Luna & they do about 3+ miles every time.....Luna loves it.

The long, long, long ride home

Sunday morning we hung around drinking coffee & then went to breakfast at the diner down the street.....great food.
We decided to take a leisurely, scenic ride home & stopped in Poughkeepsie to do the walk across the Hudson.

It wasn't a very nice day with a cold wind coming off the water

See all the sculling boats.....they must have been cold
That is the longest freight train I've ever seen

No it's not......this one is!
I want to buy this house
We headed over the bridge to 9W which was going to be our scenic ride home
That's where we were walking
This is our second trip across the river(fourth if you count the walk) however, we had been riding for quite a bit when I commented that the places we were going by were not familiar.  Then I spotted a road sign that said 9W south!  "Ahem shouldn't we be going north"  Yes the driver......who shall remain nameless but it wasn't me......had taken a wrong turn!
This by the way is the Rip Van Winkle brid…

New York skyline

It's time to play catch up again.  May has been a crazy month.  Popster got sick at the beginning of the month & seemed to be feeling better so we went ahead with a trip planned to visit JoAnne.  He ended up getting worse when we got back & was diagnosed with pneumonia.  He is finally starting to feel better but I have to say he was a very difficult patient & I was accused more than once a day of acting like Nurse Cratchit!!!

I love this view from their apartment

Josh & Carol came & we walked down the street to get dinner.
The skyline was even prettier walking back

I was finally able to give Josh & Carol the quilt I had made them for their wedding........only took me most of the winter to finish

Bleeding hearts

I love spring when everything turns green but especially the flowers & this year is one of the best.
 Another favorite of mine is bleeding heart....these are right outside a downstairs window
 Good thing as you can tell it was raining when I took these

 This is a peony just starting to bud
I love looking out of the window & seeing everything turning green