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Catching up

I am finally catching up with the yard work.  I'm happy to report the pile of mulch is gone!!!!  And no I did not meet the goal of being done by July 4th.....missed it by a mere 20 days  So sue me!

 I love this dragon begonia & so do the hummingbirds.....still working on getting a pic of them
 One of my projects was to paint this table & the way it came out.  You gotta love spray paint
 I am sad to report that cousin Felicity has met with an accident & will be in rehab for a couple weeks,  A freaking squirrel pushed her off the tree!  At least I'm assuming that's what happened.....I would hate to think that she had been imbibing in a little too much elderberry wine.  Freda's not talking!

 Love astilbe....they really put on a show this year.

 This guy was a gift????  I'm not talking either!

Hostas on steroids

This past winter & the summer we're having apparently is perfect for the hostas
This one is triple the size of last year
This is one of the oldest ones I have
......I love the leaves!


Molly's day at the spa....

One of the reasons we liked the groomer we take Molly to is that she only keeps her there for about 3 hours.  She doesn't have her assistant anymore so told Popster we would need to leave her there all day!  Well that wasn't happening so we were looking for a new place to go.  Popster heard about a new girl just starting out right up the street so he checked the place out.  She said she could groom Molly in approx 2-1/2 hours so he made an appointment. 
 This is what I came home to.......a "poodle" hairdo complete with bows!  You are kidding me!!!
 As you can tell by the "tude" Molly thought the same thing
I asked what he thought to the groomer & he's telling how she shampooed her twice, the second time with some special shampoo for black dogs, & special conditioner....I knew we were leading up to something.  I asked a couple times "how much did she charge?" .....keep in mind our other groomer charged $65.00.  Finally he answered wi…

Molly's rules at the dog park

They opened a new dog park in our town
 When Jessie is off on Tues she takes Molly there
 There are all kinds of toys & balls hanging around
 Jess is more than willing to keep throwing a ball for the dogs
 This, however, is what happens......"Molly's rules".....she keeps the ball!
 Try again..... she goes

 ......keeps the ball!  She's such a brat!!

 Look how cute this guy is
 Don't forget me!