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Down by the river

These are from a couple weeks ago when fall was a little prettier than now & the weather was beautiful for a walk along the river.  Popster had stayed in the car(he was still getting over pneumonia) so I was trying to juggle camera, leash & Molly was upset because one of her "peeps" was left behind!   Silly dog!


What happens when Fall & Winter collide!


A reminder of summer

It's almost the end of October.  Last week we had temps in the 70's & one day it hit 84!  By the weekend we had monsoon rains & then cold & super windy.  This coming week they are predicting possible snow!
I would rather look at these beautiful blue skies!


100 Acre Woods

These were from a hiking trip in the beginning of the month before the leaves had started to turn

 We went back to 100 acre woods which we had explored one time before.
It starts off with a fairly flat trail.....  ......but then there are a series of stairs & bridges
 Molly gets way ahead but then she stops at the top & looks to see where we are

 We went back again a week later with Mark, Dani, LiLi & Jess
 Now you can see the difference with leaves starting to fall


New York, New York

These are just some misc shots from  last weekend
 Can you imagine taking these stairs everyday to the train.........or how about going back up at night?

 See the brown building peeking out where the X is......that's where JoAnne & Peter used to live

 This is where they live now

 Times square