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Winter Wonderland Dec 31st, 2007

This is what we woke up to this morning!

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Peace & quiet

JoAnne went back to Boston today - I love her dearly but she is definitely "high maintenance"! She arrives like a tornado & it's non-stop until she leaves. She even managed to drag me out shopping on Christmas eve - I never shop with the "maniac" people! In between all the holiday activities I did "mending" "stain removal" "laundry". She also travels with her "companion" - aka "little kitty" now officially known as "LK" (as you can see he's not so little!)

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say to all my family in England have a very merry christmas & I hope Santa is good to you all! I am thinking of you all & as always wish that ocean wasn't so d--- big! Love to all & give all the kiddies & babies hugs & kisses from me.

"Wanda's" sister - "Wilma"

The "Popster" met another annoying female trying to run his life. I walked in on the conversation he was having with "Wilma"- aka EAS for the pharmacy! He was trying to renew his prescription & was not liking the answers or choices she gave him!

Saturday Night Dinner Adventures

There is just something about us & dinner on Sat night always being some type of adventure, but this past one takes the "prize"! I had a yen for a turkey burger so we decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays. Of course we go pick up Mark & Dani & after they (I'm always the DD) polished off 2 bottles of wine we go over to the restaurant. It was extremely crowded so sat at the bar - another bottle of wine - & eventually were seated at a table in the bar. Probably about 5-10 mins after our meal was served the fire alarm went off! Now picture average age of the employees was about 23 so they all giggled nervously, shrugged their shoulders & went about their business. The second time it went off I was getting very nervous & one lady asked, very sarcastically, "are you going wait until the place burns down before you tell us to leave?" Again just nervous giggles. Then we hear sirens & in walks 4 fireman in complete rescue gear. They did som…

Happy B'Day Evie

This is my great-niece Evie who is now 2 years old - Happy Birthday Evie - I wish I could give you hugs & kisses in person!

Referrals are finally official

Well it's finally was not what we wanted to hear(only 6 days) but let's be positive & hope for Jan. Dan's Mom & Renee(sister) came over last night so we could go over the plans for her baby shower. We decided on Feb 1oth so this referral better be in Jan!

Brrrr - It's COLD

It's cold & I hate it!!!!! Winter has come way too early for me......already having to deal with snow, sleet & freezing rain -UGH! It takes 5 mins extra every morning to dress for my walk between the thick socks, boots, gloves & mittens. Then get Liza ready with her red winter coat! Then it's 5 mins to get undressed usually while needing to pee! I couldn't take her this morning as it was only 12 deg. My rule for her now she's getting old is it has to be 20 deg or sometimes a little colder if she really wants to go! I get the 3rd degree when I get back as she checks me(sniffs in dog language) to see if I have met any other dogs on my walk. I'm already praying for spring!

Life is not fair!

Saturday I got a phone call to let me know someone I worked with had died - he was a very special person, a friend, not just a co-worker! Today is the wake & tomorrow the funeral so I am walking around in a "funk" & feeling very down.. Why is it always the good people? Life is not fair!

Get-away to Ocean City

It was so nice getting away for a few days.......but the "Popster" wasn't so sure during the trip down there. I bought him a GPS for our anniversary & she (he named her Wanda) kept telling him where to turn. He wasn't crazy about having two women in the car telling him what to do! Of course he did try ignoring both of us & going the wrong way anyway! There were a couple of "tense moments" on the way back but I was driving so we stayed on "Wanda's" route in spite of the "rantings" coming from the passenger seat! We took the ferry(Cape May/Lewes) on the way down & were on the Twin Capes which has 5 decks......absolutely beautiful & much nicer than the others. It was in the 60's so we were able to stroll outside. The weather was beautiful until Fri am when it got so cold 42 with a wind chill of 32 but we still walked on the beach & boardwalk - just wearing a few more layers. Now I have to get into decorat…