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Front porch

The progress on the porch has been very slow because of the weather.  They left early Friday as it was raining &, of course, did not work over the weekend. Monday it down poured the entire day!  Yesterday morning we had a little freezing rain but they were at the house by 7:00am anyway.
When I left for work at lunch time this is what it looked.....yeah!
These guys are good.....they are building what's been floating around in my brain for the last 5 years!

Love Val💖

Porch - end of day 3

Okay so we have a roof but no ceiling
We have a floor😛but be very careful where you step
Yes that's my car in the driveway for the second straight day!  There's still no room for it in the garage

Oh yes & the furniture showed up today so it's getting a little crowded around here!

Love Val💖

Day two

It doesn't look like much but they got a lot of work done today

 At least I can get an idea of how big it will be
 The decking is cedar which is being polyurethaned ahead so it gets treated on all sides

Love Val💖

My long awaited project

Popster tells everyone that I stay awake at night dreaming up projects which may or may not be true.  Any how for a few years now I have been bugging him about putting a front porch on our house.  A couple years ago someone on a street near us where we walk added a porch which made me become even more convinced it would really change our house for the better.  Last December he came home one day & told me to check out a different house in our neighborhood who were also putting a front porch on.  He wanted to know if that was what I had in mind.  I was over there before he finished his sentence & was calling him saying YES that's it!  We finalized all the plans & signed a contract in January but, of course, the weather turned bad & so they weren't going to do it until March 1st.  Then we had all the snow so the job get getting pushed back.
Last Friday morning a delivery truck showed up with all the materials so I knew it was finally happening

Luna wasn't al…

My long winter break has ended

My long winter hiatus is over & it's back to work I go.  It's 23F this morning but I have to be there by 8:00am to answer the phone because the golfers are going stir crazy & at this point just want to play no matter what.  Hopefully, it will warm up some if we see the sun.  This has definitely been the longest winter ever.

I recorded LiLi playing with Popster last night & in the first video notice her sleeves......they eventually got in the way which is why she stopped😜

She's on a new kick with always ordering a burger when she goes out to eat so  we will now call her the "Burger Queen"!

I cannot resize this picture as blogger is giving me fits on uploading photos & this is the best I can do until I figure out what's going on!