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1st Annual Pattersonville Corn Hole Tournament

To celebrate both Mark & Scott's birthdays we had the1st annual Pattersonville Corn Hole tournament.  It was planned by LiLi & she even sent out official e-vites to everyone.
It took a while to get everyone organized & teams picked.  We were all allowed a practice match & then it was single elimination.  Poor Mark got stuck with me(my first time playing) so we didn't last long.  LiLi had some crazy special "coupons" the kids could use (like taking away points from opposing team) which caused a lot of mumbling & grumbling among the adults!

Getting down to the final few teams

Take note that all the kids are still in it

Here's a view of the house.....still not finished but apparently Scott's not in a hurry!
And the winners...........Popster & Emma!
Emma made this cake decorated with corn hole boards......the girl is so clever!