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Not the ideal conditions to take was "half past dark" when I got home.

Patio - day three

Not a lot of progress...they just finished the wall.  As you can tell we had severe thunderstorms which shortened the work day!

My aching back

This is what I did all weekend....
Planted flowers....
Edged garden beds.......
Shoveled mulch.......

Spread mulch......

There's still half a pile to go......

Patio - day two

Dwayne decided to work today so he got the first layer of the wall done

I love the way he curved it........just free form!

What Leprechauns?

When we pulled in Mark & Dani's driveway last night I noticed LiLi's rock collections all lined up on the wall.
I moved them all to the other end & mixed them all up.
Popster told her he saw the leprechaun moving them.....she was not a happy camper!
As soon as we got back from dinner she looked at me & said."I know you & Papa did it"
Then she promptly moved them all back again!
I think this is where we were given the "do not do it again" speech!


Patio beginning

It took most of the day to remove a big "chunk" of the sidewalk & then dig out the area where the patio will go.
You are looking at 5 yards of crushed stone which is the base layer
The trench around the outside is where the wall will be problem.  Monday is a holiday so they won't be back until Tues!

At long last

I have been looking at this since the end of February, having to step on that wobbly piece of cement board to get to the sidewalk. We finally have someone coming to do the patio.....stay tuned!

It's been three years....

.....since I looked at this face that was in a cage at the local animal shelter.  I was "smitten" at the first look, the way she put her head on one side like she was hearing every word I said,  the way she sat at my feet & leaned into to me.  I knew she was special. 

There is a saying in my sidebar.....Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.

This dog makes our lives whole!

 I was trying to get a shot to compare with that first day.
 She was having no part of it....wouldn't even look at me!
 "I'm outa here"
 Still not looking
This is as close as I got!