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Side trip to Vermont

Sunday we decided it was time to "get out of Dodge" & were planning to head north but it was raining & that was the direction the weather was heading.
So we headed east toward Vermont.  This is a crazy tourist trap on the way there.

We ended up here....get it?  Molly Stark!
It was the most beautiful state park for camping that had the cleanest rest rooms & showers I have ever seen.
It had several hiking trails but we picked this one.  Why?  Firetower!
It started off very easy but....
.....we were soon climbing.
I wanted this rock.
It was rather large.
Of course when we got to the firetower Popster elected to stay with Molly
His excuse....I was the one with the camera!
He really is a "chicken"!
Very disappointing views because of the clouds!

I wonder who lived here?

I did "collect" a few smaller rocks on the way down for my new piece of driftwood.

I wanted to walk around Wilmington on the way is such a quaint little town with lots of…

Saturday in Saratoga

We don't usually go to Saratoga during track season but Bob & Noreen wanted us to meet them at their favorite Indian restaurant which happens to be there.  They are in the process of moving to SC fact Noreen is already there & was just up visiting for a couple of weeks.
After dinner I suggested to Popster we walked off all the food we ate so we headed down to the park first.

They were doing Shakespeare in the park....I think it was "The Merry Wives of Windsor"

We had to go visit the ducks

On our way out we came across a Mamma with her babies.

A couple of hats in one of the store windows

This year there are ballet slippers everywhere.


Molly & no excuses

I just saw that I haven't written a blog post in about 10 days.......why?????
I have no idea!
Neither does Molly!
"Do I look better this way?"
"Or is this my best side?"
"Maybe this?"
"How about if I do this!"


Sunday cool down

We took Molly to Shenantaha sunday morning.
It was blistering on on the blacktop so we headed down the trail toward the stream

Of course it didn't take her long to find the water

Crazy dog!
We are back to the 90+ degree temps this week.  It doesn't go below 70 at night.  Amazing for this part of the country.