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Yes we are still alive & well!

Someone please tell me where the summer is disappearing's crazy!  It seems like the week starts, I blink my eyes & it's already Friday.  My work schedule is different this year & I work Friday am & have Saturday off instead. junior program started at the end of June so now I work Monday afternoon with that & also again on Weds afternoon.  This year we started a Saturday clinic for younger kids which means I go to work for a couple hours to do that.  This could explain why my weeks disappear.
Love this pic of Luna.....she just loves having her head out of the car window:)
We all met at Scott's house to go out for breakfast for Father's day (yes I'm a little late posting this)
He's still working on it
Love these girls!
We went to Scott's crazy diner
Stuffed "Ooh La La" french toast.
Peanut butter & fluff pancakes
LiLi had hers on the side & then proceeded to mix it together & spread it over t…