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9 years ago...........

9 years ago this pecious little girl came into our family

 She was scared so unsure of what was happening

 (photo credit Tyler James) Now 9 years later this little girl has grown up & has all the confidence in the world
 Can't wait to see what this next years bring!


Storm Stella hits

The weather around here in March has been colder than Jan & Feb.  Now we have this to deal with!
 A big nor'easter named Stella!
 This was the middle of the day on Weds.....everything was closed & I mean everything! 
 It continued to snow into late Weds night so there was no school again on Thurs.......we ended up with 24 inches total but some places around us had over 3 feet!  Crazy!
 Popster wasn't a happy camper!
 Even Molly didn't like it!
Look at how it piled up on the window
 Poor birds were trying to get some food

 It seems like the winter that will never end!

Back to the present.....

Now I have finished catching up with our trip I can catch up on what's been happening around here since we got back

Popster bought a truck.  Molly spent so much time at Mohawk Honda with us that she became their new mascot.  She made friends with everyone in the place & made the rounds every time we went in there! You will notice these were taken from the warmth of my living was so cold that week I didn't want to go outside

 This was Molly's face when she first got in the new truck........she wasn't a happy camper!  She is used to it now & as long as she's going along for the ride is perfectly happy.