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Colonie bike path

I am about a week behind with posts & pics so these are from last weekend when the weather was beautiful....since then we've had snow so those will be coming soon
It was a beautiful day & everyone was out.
We walked in the least popular direction because there weren't as many people!

Yup... the planes fly  pretty low here on their way into Albany airport
Just the perfect time of day for shots of the river


Indian Meadows on whatever day(can't remember!)

I sorta think this was either Fri or Sat of last week.. Whenever it was it was obviously very cold judging by the way Popster is dressed & that there was ice on the pond!

We walked down the trail to see the horses but it was too cold for them to be out

Molly waiting for me as usual


The last of fall

I found these on my camera card & it seems so long ago that we had anything like this.  The first one is the orignal & the rest I played with the processing The weather has yo-yoed (I made that word up) so much the last few days.  Saturday morning the temp was 15 degs & yesterday the high was 70 degs!


Today will be nice but then tomorrow the big nor-easter hits with a possible 8" of snow
I have to get outside today & finish up some "winterizing" & then I can go hole up in my sewing room again!


Another day grooming & sewing

I am still playing catch-up from a couple weeks ago
LiLi had another day off school & came over again
She decided she was going to groom Miss Molly

This pic just cracks me up

After that we did more sewing
She wanted to make a present for Grandma Joanne's birthday
Here is another "LiLi original"!  Totally designed & sewn by her.

What have I been doing?

With an early "layoff" from work due to the weather I was able to get back into some sewing projects & had lined up
These are all gifts for a baby shower I was going to but never expected to have half of them done in time.  I always have way too big an expectation of what I can really get done & usually "reality"  wins....not this time.  I actually finished everything including this flannel blanket which was made like a quilt without the batting.
These are burp cloths found on pinterest of course!
Another pinterest idea made with wash cloths & spoons
This is my "classic" baby girl dress I have been making for all girls for the last 19 years
 & finally an easy peasy fleece blanket

A lifetime ago two words were spoken.......

......& they were "I do"

 Now 50 years later............................................