Friday, November 21, 2014

A lifetime ago two words were spoken.......

......& they were "I do"

 Now 50 years later............................................


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hiking in Kinn's Park

I am still catching up from last week
It's  hard to believe these were taken just a week ago considering the weather that blew in during the is absolutely freezing here now!
How cute is this?

We stopped at the water tower
Is it that big or is she that tiny!

LiLi's view

 Having a race with Papa....guess who's winning?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Surely Mother Nature you are joking????

 This is what we woke up to this morning!
 We raced around like a couple crazies yesterday trying to clean the flower beds & rake yo all the leaves that were down......there are still a lot on some of the trees!  I hadn't finished putting away flower pots & things that get stored for winter.
 Usually we get all this done & sit & wait for winter.....not this year!  Popster kept saying it's not gonna snow & I kept saying just keep raking.  It was dark before we got the fertilizer down so that was a hit & miss job.  I piled a whole bunch of stuff on the garage floor thinking I'd get to it sometime this week. 


Popster's car wouldn't start this morning so I had to take him to work in the snow & when I got home the snow from my car started to melt all over the garage floor so I was running around trying to pick things up & get them put away!  this is at 6:00am & I'm still in my jammies! 

See why I hate winter?

It has now turn to all rain but the temps are hovering around 32 degs

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Busy, Busy day!

Besides doing some sewing we also had plans to do some cooking while LiLi was here
She's peeling carrots so we could make some soup

"Watch out carrot!  She's got that look in her eye!"

When Popster got home she of course told him to give her math problems

Love that look of concentration
Finally the last thing on our list was to learn how to knit
After about 10 mins of me showing her how she insisted on doing it alone!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Oh say can you sew?"

 LiLi spent the day at our house on Veteran's day.  We had a long list of "things to do"
 First up was sewing.  I showed her some ideas & she wanted to make a bag.  She went "shopping" in my stash of fat quarters & ribbons & picked out her supplies.  I just folded the materials different ways so she could visualize how it would look & let her decide how to make it.

 Yes I let her use "real" scissors
 Don't you love the concentration!
 After trying different ways for the handles she cut the ribbon.
 I showed her how to fold down the top edge & iron it in place...No Mark I did not let her use the iron!
 I didn't take pics of the actual sewing because she was sitting in my lap....that part is a little tricky....she's not tall enough to sit on the chair & reach the foot control so we have to get creative!
 Here she is turning it right side out (please ignore my messy sewing room)
 The finished product....we actually made two of them.  One for her best friend Gabby.
 Pocketbooks by LiLi

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Welcome to "stick season"

 We took Molly over to Kinn's Park earlier this week & decided to explore one of the "uncharted" trails
I didn't take many pics in the beginning as I was too concerned about falling on my a*se.  The terrain was extremely hilly & with so many leaves underfoot it makes for tricky walking
We eventually ended up here so had to turn around
This is an example of why I call it "stick season"
We could see civilization off in the distance but weren't quite sure where we were
This is what Molly does constantly.....runs like crazy down the hill
.......then back again
& repeats over & over!
We lost our way going back
That made for some rough maneuvers!
 Yeah familiar territory!