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Yes we are still alive & well!

Someone please tell me where the summer is disappearing's crazy!  It seems like the week starts, I blink my eyes & it's already Friday.  My work schedule is different this year & I work Friday am & have Saturday off instead. junior program started at the end of June so now I work Monday afternoon with that & also again on Weds afternoon.  This year we started a Saturday clinic for younger kids which means I go to work for a couple hours to do that.  This could explain why my weeks disappear.
Love this pic of Luna.....she just loves having her head out of the car window:)
We all met at Scott's house to go out for breakfast for Father's day (yes I'm a little late posting this)
He's still working on it
Love these girls!
We went to Scott's crazy diner
Stuffed "Ooh La La" french toast.
Peanut butter & fluff pancakes
LiLi had hers on the side & then proceeded to mix it together & spread it over t…
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Burnt Hills Flag Day Parade

A couple weeks ago we marched in the annual flag day parade
 It's very crazy in the beginning, finding a place to park, finding our group & then just hanging around waiting for it to start

 Molly was a little overwhelmed among all the sailors

 Yes we're finally moving

 Of course Popster had to stop to talk to his kids

 Molly had injured her leg the day before but she was a real trooper & did the whole route

 This was riding on the school bus back to the parking lot


Flowers & yardwork

I finally took the pics off my camera this week & found all these beautiful flowers that are long gone.  I wish spring flowers would last longer......they are so beautiful!

 This is what Jessie & I did last Sunday.
 I lost track of how many wheelbarrows full we did but we mulched all but two of the flower beds in the front & the other two I did on Monday.  Hopefully this weekend will be decent weather & I can get the rest of it done