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Work, cat bites. hospital.....

After a long winter I went back to work on Thurday & as usual it was crazy with the phone ringing off the wall!  The weather wasn't that great but golfers in the northeast are like caged animals who are finally free!  We had good weather predicted for the weekend & I was scheduled to work both days.  After a very long day Saturday I finally got done around 8 pm & was meeting Popster & Jess in Ballston Spa at a surprise birthday party for Jeff & Colby.  Jess met me in the parking lot & said she was leaving as she had also worked all day.  She showed me her arm where she had been bitten by a cat earlier at work.  She had gone to urgent care & they gave her antibiotics & she went back to work.
Before I left for work Sunday at 5:30am I woke her up to look at it & didn't like the way it was swelling up.  I told if it didn't look better when I got home at lunch we were going back to urgent care.

This is what it was looking like when we got th…
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My winter hiatus has ended

I am back to work today after a long winter break.......the course closed early last year(November 12th) due to the early cold weather & snow.  I will be working all through the weekend as opening days are usually insane!

 I am in the middle of a project which may or may not get finished. I also have a quilt in the works. Who knows as this is when life turns crazy again!


Forever Family Day

Oh my.....where does the time go!  Ten years ago this scared & tiny little girl was brought into a room full of strangers.

She was so confused by the strange faces.

Now look at the beautful, confident girl she has grown into.

We love you LiLiđź’–


11 years ago.........

......we finally got to see this face


Birthday & Christmas

Popster has a birthday a few days before Christmas but Dani always has a  party for him.  This year it was a brunch with so many goodies to eat
LiLi is getting really good with her cards & everyone gets their own special one for birthdays

Mark made the wine bottle/glass holder

Christmas eve we opened gifts with Jess as she was working :(

We got our signals crossed so didn't make it over to Mark's house Christmas morning.   We opened presents with tham when they got to our house at lunchtime 

I had printed & framed some Beatle's lyrics for LiLi & I think she liked it!

Gilly had more fun with the wrapping paper

Merry Christmas to all


A little leaf clean up & Christmas decorating

The beginning of December is starting out a little milder than November was.
Jess & I took advantage of a warmer day to take some pics of the dogs for our Christmas card.  Theses are some of the out-takes.

They are a pair!
I also had fun decorating the porch.

We had enough rain & warmer weather so we were able to get out & do a better job of cleaning up the leaves.  It was very messy but we got most of it done.  I don't ever remember having so much snow before the leaves came off the trees!
Not sure if this is leaf blowing or snow blowing!!!!
I have decorations spread all over the sun room & Gilly is having a ball playing in them.

This is what she does all day long!

She also found the step ladder to be entertaining.....there isn't too much that she doesn't get into:)

I love putting this on the tree every year......the first ornament made by my first grandchild!
Okay, let's check out what this is!