Project 365

Thursday, October 20, 2016

100 Acre Woods

 These were from a hiking trip in the beginning of the month before the leaves had started to turn

 We went back to 100 acre woods which we had explored one time before.
It starts off with a fairly flat trail.....
 ......but then there are a series of stairs & bridges

 Molly gets way ahead but then she stops at the top & looks to see where we are

 We went back again a week later with Mark, Dani, LiLi & Jess
 Now you can see the difference with leaves starting to fall


Monday, October 17, 2016

New York, New York

 These are just some misc shots from  last weekend
 Can you imagine taking these stairs everyday to the train.........or how about going back up at night?

 See the brown building peeking out where the X is......that's where JoAnne & Peter used to live

 This is where they live now

 Times square


Friday, October 14, 2016

Champagne, Cake & "Quiet Clubbing"

 After the wedding JoAnne had found us a restaurant nearby where we could all have lunch
 They gave us champagne for the table so we could toast the newlyweds

 After lunch everyone went in different directions, Scott, Deidre, Mark & Jeffery headed back home.  Popster, JoAnne, Jess & I went back to JoAnne's to change clothes
Popster was really under the weather so he got a pass to stay home with Peter while the girls headed out for Astoria to go to a party that Josh & Carol were having.
 It was at the Bohemian beer garden where Josh works.  We had to go to Queens which was no easy trip from where we were.  First we hopped back on the water taxi.  Then JoAnne said it was just a couple blocks to the subway.  After we walked for what seemed like forever through the rush hour crowd we finally got to the subway.  Of course we ended up on the wrong platform & had to run up & down stairs to get to the right one.  We made it & had to stand all the way to Astoria!
 Yeah we are finally there & it only took us 2 hours!
After carrying the cake all around NYC for the day they finally got to cut it

At least he didn't smear all over her face
Around ten the dj's came on for Quiet Clubbing.  There were 3 of them, one blue, one red & one green & each one played a different style of music.  You could rent a head set & then are able to switch to whatever you want to hear.  Everyone gets on the dance floor & are dancing to whatever they are hearing.  It's quite bizarre if you are not wearing a headset.  The nice part though is to be able to carry on a conversation without yelling.

We hung out there until around 12:30am & then took an uber back to the ferry.....we were not riding the subway that late at night.

Friday, October 7, 2016

"I now pronounce you..............

 Back in line to wait some more.............
 It was finally our turn

 The newlyweds

 We were there for almost 3-1/2 hours & the ceremony last 1 min 35 secs.  It was worth the wait although I cannot believe my little boy is a married man!