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Happy Birthday Josh

Where did this little guy go to.....I think I must have closed my eyes to blink a couple times!  I'm in complete denial as to how old you are!

Mothe Nature did it again!

This was the view from our sun room at 7:00am this morning.
Mother Nature had decided we were starting to feel like spring was coming so she needed to do something!
School was delayed 2 hours.
Dog school was cancelled giving me an extra week to recover from this "comedy"
It is so mesmerizing to sit in the sun room & watch it snow.

As you can see by this it was very fluffy to begin with............
.....but then as the temps warmed up it got heavier.......
......& by 9:00am it had turned to rain.
Now it has started to melt it all & the mess begins........
.........there are puddles everywhere.

Round Lake Village - part 2

I forgot I hadn't posted these pictures yet. We walked around Round Lake village again last week as the bike path was still too icy.
You can tell by the blue of the sky that it was extremely cold

The windows in this house looked like something you would see in a church.
This is the post office
This magnificent building is the Round Lake Auditorium

Good Golly Miss Molly

The dog club we belong does "run throughs" once a month .....they are set up just like a real trial & anyone can pay to put their dog in it.  Instructors from our club are judges & they put the dog & trainer thru the same routine as in a trial & usually offer constructive criticism.  It's a great way of practicing with your dog.  They use club members to help as stewards & reward that with a free run through.  Popster & I helped at the last one & they were having one again this past Sat.  We not only volunteered to help but decided to put Miss Molly in the Novice run through.  I wanted to do beginner novice but Dr Ruth Betty was running it & insisted Molly could do novice.  Now keep in mind since I took over all the obedience training with Molly Popster is never there because of the problems we had in the beginning, she tends to amp up her misbehavior when he's around!
Sat ended up being a ridiculously long day as there were so many do…

Toothpaste, War & Sorry

It is winter vacation this week from school so LiLi has been here a couple days this week.  It is so funny how Molly gets a little jealous & has to be right there with everything we do.  LiLi decided she would help me brush Molly this morning & when we got done I said we had  to brush Molly's teeth.  That usually never goes well as Molly wants no part of the tooth brush near her mouth so I usually resort to putting toothpaste on dog treats & trying to get her to eat them.
LiLi came up with the idea of putting peanut butter on the tooth brush to see if that would make her like it.
We then mixed toothpaste & peanut butter on the brush.
I guess her plan worked so at least she doesn't mind the brush now.
Popster & LiLi played a game of war after lunch

Then they got in a game of Sorry in the sunroom

I'm scared.......... least I should be!   I was at the gym this morning doing my thing on the elliptical watching Fox news when they did a segment on "Nuts or Normal".

It was to do with people who are a little OCD about always sitting in the same chair, parking in the same spot among other things & apparently those people are considered nuts!

Umph I thought that can't mean me that always parks in the same spot.  Goes to the gym at the ungodly hour of 5:00am to be sure to get the same cybex & same elliptical machine every time.

Should I be scared?

Miss Molly in agility

It has only taken me a week to get this to load in you tube so I could post it here..  It's not the best run Molly has done as Popster messed up a couple times but it's the only one I took & that was the last class for this session.  She has really progressed in agility so we caved & signed her up for another trial.  This time it is AKC & it indoors so hopefully she won't get all "yahoo" on us!

LiLi's Birthday Party

We went to Mark & Dani's for LiLi's birthday.....she was in Disney for her birthday

She was over the moon excited becuse she is 6 already!!!
She chose hamburgers & potato chips for the dinner & this cake because Papa Rocky loves horses!

Most girls her age are into baby dolls or Barbie......
but she was most excited about an electric pencil sharpener!

Happier than a ........

Popster came home from work on Valentine's day & I told him I had just hung up from talking to Frank.  He asked who Frank was & I replied "the most important man in my life right now!".  It took him a long time but he finally figured it out.....Frank had called to tell me he fixed my sewing machine!  We took our 2 hour drive(hour there, hour back) today to get it so I am happier than a     

How do..........

......I love you.
 Let me.........................
 ......................count the