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Spring flowers & sunset

The sunset I took on the way home from Molly's class...we're up on the hills in West Glenville.  We finally had some warm days last week so the flowers & trees are all popping out now.

I am still working on "bokeh" (out of focus background) & I think I'm getting there!

Random Molly Pics

The first two are from a mini session of obedience we are taking while waiting for the summer session to start.

This is where Molly shines....doing agility.  She is totally "getting" the weaving so we're really hoping to get her in a class for the summer.
She is still loving frisbee  runs at Jenkins & seldom misses catching it anymore....she has learned to figure the wind so she knows where to be when it comes down!

Congratulations to William & Kate

Did you think I would miss it???  I was at the gym at 5:45AM on a cybex so I could see the ceremony!

Love means...........

......making an appointment to get the oil changed in your wife's car, then driving to her work to pick up the car & take it to the appointment & then noticing the gas tank was on "E" & bringing it back with a full tank of gas!

Thanks Honey....luv ya!

Happy Easter

This is Miss LiLi with Miss Molly close behind looking for eggs left by the Easter Bunny!

LiLi wanted these sneakers but they told her at the store they didn't make them in her size & that she would have to come back when she got bigger!  Well guess what?  The Easter Bunny found them for her!!!
This is her unique way of doing a puzzle....from the middle out!

Cute Easter Cupcakes

Love this great idea for easter cupcakes I got from here!  I used my recipe for pistachio cake for the cupcakes & the frosting so they were already green.

Is the world turning upside down???

I just got off the phone with my brother who lives in England. He said it was 77 deg there & we got up this morning to snow!! It is beginning to feel like Spring will never get here this year. We have to be close to a month behind weather wise & everything seems to be suspended in time. The trees are getting their buds or flowers but it never stays warm enough or sunny enough for them come out. It's crazy!!!

Looking for bodies!!

Today the sun was shining for a change.....well it did shine yesterday but if you dared to go outside you would be blown off to join Dorothy & Toto!!!. Today was a little more reasonable so we took our neighbor to hike Peebles & look for dead bodies. Just kidding about the bodies, although I did take a couple shots the the shore!! If you look very carefully you can see a little life in some of the trees.

What have I been doing?

I did finally finish this dress for John's little girl!

No words...just pictures!

More Softball

I am having fun trying out my zoom lens at the girl's softball games....I have actually been to 3 games so far  which is already more than last year.  The schedule has been more favorable with games on Thurs & Friday & golf hasn't started on Friday yet.
This is a great shot of Jessie on first & Meghan to the right of her playing shortstop.

Here I moved to the other side of the field as Meghan is a switch hitter & that is Jessie right behind her on the bench!  The game ended up a heart breaker ....they lost 6-5 in extra innings!

Spring is finally showing an appearance!

This is Marty Maple overseeing the yard!