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Is Spring really here?

It's lonely................

I cannot believe how "empty" the house feels without Liza. I hate it when I get up it the morning & see that empty spot on the floor! When I come home & there's not anyone waiting right by the door. I lost my best friend.

Happy Easter

"up-date" I had this post ready to add last week intending to put some pictures of this easter in it before posting it. Unfortunately all plans changed........Li Li ended up with pneumonia so maybe we'll have dinner next weekend instead.

This was one year ago on Easter



January 13th, 1995 - April 12th, 2009

Guess what?

I have the day off!!!!

Does this mean I have the day off??????

Yes that is snow you are looking at!!!!


This really says it all!!!! The last couple of weeks have been really crazy............going back to work in the spring is normally a gradual thing but this year it was crazy busy from the beginning & I have been working six days every week. I know & this is the year I planned to cut back on my hours! I got out of there around 1:00 PM yesterday & am not working again until Sun morning.......whoopee! It was such a gorgeous day yesterday & came home & got right to work on the yard. I have managed to do a little bit here & there & it felt good to stay out for a few hours. We had such a mess from the ice storm in November which got all covered in snow so was never cleaned up. Most of the lawn is done now & I just have to finsh up the flower beds & the "forever wild" area in the back of the yard.

Popster been really busy with Mark & Dani's went on the market a week ago last Sunday so he had open house two weeks in …