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Christmas day

We went over to Mark's for breakfast
 As course LiLi was thrilled to see her light
 We hung it up in her room but you don't get the full effect because it's not dark.  It comes with a remote which change the colors & turns it into a strobe light & other effects.
 It can also be made into other shapes

 We got LiLi a table for her sewing machine along with scissors, thread etc so we can set it up for her at home.  She really loves to sew so we'll see how creative she can be by herself.

 She makes all her christmas gifts & this is what she did for all the guys
 All Mark did was cut the hole for the magnet & she did the rest......sanding, staining & finishing.  All the girls got bracelet holders.

 We had dinner later at Scott's which always includes a card game....
 ......& of course some piano

 Molly got a present

 This is what she does in the beginning because she doesn't want to share

Christmas Eve

JoAnne & Peter drove up from the city on Friday afternoon so we has a late dinner & opened gifts
 I like to do theme gifts(less to think about) so they all got mugs with the dogs on them
 Tyler has Jessie & Luna on his.  I should add here that the two of them became officially engaged on Tuesday so we have two more weddings coming up.
 This silly dog will let you do anything to her!
 We had brunch on Saturday morning for anyone who wanted to stop over.
 JoAnne gave LiLi an interesting gift which kept all the adults as well as her occupied for the entire morning, trying to figure out how to put it together.  It is supposed to be an infinity light.
 I love the expressions on their faces
 They finally moved to the living room so they could watch a you-tube video on the tv on how to put it together.  JoAnne & Peter left at noon as they were driving to Long Beach Island to spend Christmas with his sisters & family.

The puzzle pieces for the light were left with "…

Popster's birthday

We went to Mark & Dani's for Popster's birthday & she made him cherry pie instead of cake
 LiLi is so "chuffed" with herself as she told "Alexa" to play "Happy Birthday"

 This is her christmas display in her bedroom
 Very proud of the fact she's on the student council
They are learning a new song to play at Meghan's wedding

Fluffy snow


Snowy walk in Indian Meadows

It doesn't look it but it was sooooo cold this day

 Great for pics though in spite of my getting frostbite in my fingers


 Love these shots......uhmmmmm....xmas card?????